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New South Home
New South Home

In the ever-expanding interior design market of the Queen City, New South Home stands on their own with a diverse portfolio and range of services. What started as a search for more flexible work schedules for two mothers became a successful, evolving Charlotte business.

New South Home cofounders Melissa Lee and Brenna Morgan chatted about finding inspiration for design, executing custom spaces for clients, and what drew them to the industry. 

Where do you draw your inspiration?

Melissa: Honestly, we find inspiration everywhere. We look at Instagram, magazines, art, fabrics, clothing trends, etc. We’ve designed homes from one piece of fabric, a phone case, a wallpaper, you name it. We ask our clients to send us inspiration photos before we meet with them. We also love to share our own inspiration photos to pull together a collaboration that reflects their style. 

New South Homes
New South Homes

What are a few of your favorite elements that complete a design?

Brenna: Our favorite elements are statement light fixtures, a fabulous rug, and the right wallpaper or wall treatment. Those elements can complete a room and give it that extra punch. The exciting thing about interior design lately is that people are willing to take risks that maybe they weren’t a few years ago. It’s made our job more fun because we can add that extra punch feature that really defines a room and makes is special.

What are a few examples of home décor options that last through seasons and trends?

Melissa: We always suggest keeping a neutral palette for the main investment pieces in a home and popping in color and pattern in small accent pieces. This allows our clients to easily make an update later when they need a fresh look. We feel that keeping the overall style of a room transitional is a safe bet, too. Mixing styles with your pieces will allow for easy changes without having to refurnish the whole room.

How do you hope to impact the Charlotte community with your company?

Brenna: When we started working in this industry, our goal was to create beautiful, comfortable homes with an approachable attitude. We want our clients to feel like their rooms can be lived in – not a museum to worry about. The majority of our clients have children, and so we need to consider their family life. 

New South Homes
New South Homes

Do you work regularly with anyone else in the home industry? 

We are always working with subcontractors and builders to assist their clients with making design selections for the homes. We’re currently working on a house by Joyce Building in Matthews, selecting all of the finishes based on the home’s “modern farmhouse” style.

What about your work do you find most rewarding?

Melissa: Being able to give people a home that they love coming home to is something we are so grateful for. We enjoy meeting and learning about our clients’ lives. Our favorite part is seeing a room come to life on install day after we’ve worked on it for months. And knowing that our client is going to love what we created for them!

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