Well Lit: Charlotte’s Lantern And Scroll Classic Custom Lighting

Lantern And Scroll

Karen and Richard Good’s shop, Lantern And Scroll, located in historic South End has the largest catalog of copper lighting in the the city. Their portfolio featuring period copper lanterns of the Old South exudes impeccable design.

They line the front porches of antebellum homes on Rainbow Row in Charleston. They frame the entrances of creole galleries in New Orleans. In Myers Park, and on Dilworth’s bungalows, they are fixtures. Even in their simplicity, exemplified by their clean lines, they are symbols of southern sophistication. Historically their worth was invaluable, now they are simply accents: the accents that, in terms of sheer architecture and design, make all the difference. Luckily, our city has an amazing source for those who want to echo impeccable design with them: period coppern lanterns of the Old South.

Since 2007, Karen and Richard Good, of Lantern and Scroll,have offered the largest variety of copper lanterns in Charlotte. Their catalog is expansive featuring a handful of popular and exclusive collections including High Battery, NeoCharleston, Tradd Street, and Broad Street Collections.

All of the lanterns in their portfolio stem from popular designs from bygone eras in order to replicate the authentic lighting of Dixie. Because of this the lanterns you receive from them add a timeless and classic design element to your home. The production also embodies the pride and craftsmanship of that time period. All of their lights are handcrafted and proudly made in America, right in the heart of the Carolinas.

The Good’s small [but well lit] shop, located judiciously in the center of historic South End, is a factory direct store for one of the country’s premier lantern manufacturing companies: Copper Lighting Company. This relationship allows the Good’s to offer ultra-competitive prices for time-honored styles.

For those that value quintessential home design, copper lighting like those sold at Lantern and Scroll are must have pieces. Installation of these unique and eyecatching fixtures can push your home’s aesthetic over the top. For more information visit lanternandscroll.com.