Quad Espresso: Custom Jewelry In Charlotte NC that Empowers

quad espresso
Photo credit Jamey Price

As a young entrepreneur, Jennifer Falcon is no stranger to taking risks and working hard. After moving to Charlotte on her own at age 21, she worked multiple jobs while keeping up with her newfound jewelry-making hobby on the side. To get the energy needed for her busy lifestyle, she began ordering the strongest drink on the Starbucks menu: a quad espresso. Made with four shots of espresso, this drink was designed to give customers the boost they needed for their day. When Falcon finally began managing her jewelry business full time, she knew that she wanted her brand to portray that same sense of everyday empowerment and enjoyment. She wanted her jewelry to complete an outfit in a way that made the wearer feel ready for the day. Now a celebrated local business, Quad Espresso Jewelry, custom jewelry in Charlotte NC, is well-known for its clean designs and casual minimalist style.

Falcon spoke with us about Quad Espresso’s beginnings and the creativity behind the business.

quad espresso
Photo credit Jamey Price

Why did you find yourself gravitating toward jewelry making?

Jewelry making wasn’t ever a passion of mine—it just happened to be the first hobby I took up that blossomed into a full-time business. My true passion is owning my own business. The freedom, challenges, successes (and many failures) is what I love the most. Of course, I also absolutely love what I do. The creativity and freedom in designing whatever my heart desires is a blessing, and having loyal customers support whatever I release is truly incredible.

What does your creative process look like?

When it comes to designing new pieces, my process is a little messy and very “spur of the moment,” but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Whenever inspiration strikes, I just go with it…I’ll almost always stop what I’m doing to make an idea that has popped into my head. It’s just what works for me. I say I’m going to change my process, but I doubt that!

What types of materials do you usually use?

I strictly use gold-filled materials because it’s your best option after solid gold for quality and durability. Unlike gold-plated jewelry, it won’t turn your skin green. You can literally live in this jewelry and not worry about it being ruined a few weeks later. It’s also a great option for people with sensitive skin. That’s what I want to provide for everyone—affordable, long-lasting jewelry that you can feel good wearing!

quad espresso
Quad Espresso – Custom Jewelry In Charlotte NC – Photo credit Jamey Price

What inspires your work?

My travels inspire my work and style for sure! I pull so much inspiration from architecture because of the sharp lines and beautiful shapes all around. It can also be the simplest thing—I see a painting on the wall with abstract lines and shapes with beautiful colors, and that gives me so many ideas for earring designs!

Where can we find your jewelry? Do you ever make custom orders?

My instagram @quadespressojewelry is where I post a lot of new releases and restocks. I have a full website with over 200 pieces. I also do local events such as Front Porch Sunday and Girl Tribe. You can also find my pieces at some local shops like Moxie Mercantile and Adair. And yes—I love creating custom orders.