The Voice Behind Tiny Gods

Tiny Gods founder

Jewelry can take on many forms. It can be a prized heirloom, an eye-catching accessory, and even a simple reminder of a special promise. But one thing that never changes about jewelry is its connection with the wearer. Mary Margaret Beaver understands this. As a jewelry industry veteran, she knows firsthand the effect that the right piece of jewelry can have once found by the right wearer. 

“I’ve been in the jewelry industry since 2001,” notes Mary Margaret. “Upon moving to Charlotte…I ended up landing a short-term luxury retail position in a fine jewelry boutique, Elizabeth Bruns. It quickly turned into a long-term managerial role.”

As she moved further into her career, she also saw an opportunity to discover how her passions might evolve if she had the ability to bring her own vision to life. That ultimately led her to open Tiny Gods in Myers Park. Tiny Gods, housed inside a quintessentially Charlotte bungalow, often features collections that have an air of elegance around them without being afraid to play with color and shape.

Tiny Gods necklace

With both an online store and the vibrant, cozy brick-and-mortar, Tiny Gods is perfectly poised to create a loyal and eclectic clientele. Mary Margaret helps those looking for unique items enjoy a curated shopping experience—one driven by her hand-picked designers and their raw talent. These designers currently include creatives like Aisha Baker, Daniela Villegas, Silvia Furmanovich, and Anna Maccieri Rossi. 

“Discovering design talent in the jewelry industry is a passion. It’s one that’s never waned,” says Mary Margaret about her process in choosing designers. “There is so much talent in the world. It’s such a pleasure to bring it to my clientele and introduce it to Charlotte.”

Small Objects of Obsession

As the Tiny Gods website puts it, “small objects of obsession have a mythos in every culture. They are of private and communal reverence, acting as a medium to energy, spirituality, and love.” 

This idea of reverence surrounding jewelry fueled Mary Margaret to create a jewelry store where the client’s personal expression was front and center. Sometimes that means helping the client find a gift that’s just right for the recipient, while other times, that means bringing the client into the design process. 

By focusing on connecting clients with pieces that matched their needs inside and out, Tiny Gods quickly became a renowned name in fine jewelry. It’s a place for the modern client who wants a curated, unique fine jewelry buying experience. 

Tiny Gods bracelet

Still, this newfound attention hasn’t stopped Mary Margaret from staying focused on those who helped her get where she is.

“I am humbled by the support I’ve received from this community…especially doing so at the end of 2020,” affirms Mary Margaret. “I’m so grateful for each and every person that I’m fortunate enough to welcome into Tiny Gods.”

As for the future of the business, Mary Margaret sees only the promise of growth and change.

“It’s young, but my vision for it is farsighted,” she says. “I hope that Tiny Gods will remain ever-evolving.”