VUE by SEK’s One-of-a-Kind Design

earrings from Vue by Sek
Photo credit - Jamey Price

VUE by SEK is anything but an ordinary jewelry company. Owner and primary designer Sarah Kaplan believes that jewelry should be expressive of the individual wearing it, showcasing your own “view” and unique style. That’s also why the VUE by SUK team works hard to offer its clients thoughtfully designed pieces handcrafted by Sarah. VUE sets out to create one-of-a-kind jewelry that is authentic, conscious, and artistic. Sarah shared with us more on her inspiration behind VUE by SUK, what it’s like owning your own business, and VUE’s plans for the future. 

Sarah, when was your company founded?

VUE by SEK officially launched in December of 2018, after a year of rebranding, planning, and moving to Charlotte.

Has jewelry design and creation always been a passion of yours?

Throughout my childhood, I can’t remember a period when I wasn’t creating or making jewelry. However my original career goal was to work at my favorite art museum. After college, I found myself in DC working for that very art museum and surrounded by amazing artworks and creative people.  It was here that I felt a desire to return to creating my own art. This led to a long process of self teaching, goldsmith training and experimenting with new designs until VUE by SEK officially launched.

Vue by Sek
Photo credit – Jamey Price

As both founder and designer, what does a typical workday entail?

 My days can rotate between meetings, social, production, order fulfillment and my daily trips to the post office and so on. Since the pandemic started, I have implemented a creative day once a week. This designated day is free of meetings and solely focuses on creative design and brainstorming. I thrive when I’m able to create and explore new opportunities. And designating this day has led to such a fulfilling and more thoughtful work week. 

What is the best part about owning your own small business? Most challenging part?

 The best part is creating something from the start and being able to establish your own company values and products. It is incredibly rewarding to witness each of our small wins and to see how far the business has developed already. The most challenging part is that we are a small business with a small operating budget, which forces us to prioritize where we spend and save. 

Do you plan on expanding the product line as your business continues to grow?

Yes. We are currently working on three designs to expand our small collection of necklaces. We will also be launching a completely new jewelry category early next year that we are thrilled about. It is just in the early stages of development. Stay tuned!

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