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Let’s face it… your body needs some extra love and attention during the cold, winter months. Luckily, you don’t have to travel too far in Charlotte for a one-of-a-kind beauty experience: Rē Salon offers guests a relaxing escape from the bustling South End streets, and it’s no secret that their salon, spa, and med spa is a unique place. 

Ten years in (they celebrated the decade anniversary last month), owner Marcel Stark told us more about what sets the salon apart, their carefully curated winter treatment options, and how to better take care of yourself.  

Why does Rē Salon and Med Spa combine both the salon/spa experience with a med spa? What’s important about offering these types of services?

Rē began 10 years ago and at that time, a salon, spa, and med spa under one roof was not heard of in Charlotte. We were excited to change the common idea that beauty and wellness being both convenient and luxurious is so out-of-reach. Offering these services to the greater Charlotte community is at the core of our business: to refresh, rejuvenate, and recreate. 

What do you think has made Rē such a long-lasting staple for Charlotteans?

We treat everyone like a VIP and have a talented team that lives and breathes their creative passion. Nothing makes us happier than our guests letting us know that their time with us was incredible. We hope to continue to be a Charlotte staple for many more years as we love what we do, and being a part of Charlotteans’ lives in this way.

  What are some of the top services that people looking for skincare/beauty during the winter months can enjoy?

During the winter months, exfoliation is key, especially for dry or uneven skin texture. It’s also easier to get treatments that provide a deeper level of exfoliation in winter months due to less sun exposure. In the salon, keratin treatments for frizz-free hair and penetrating conditioning services are also highly favored when you’re facing weather that strips moisture from the scalp and hair. 

 What do you recommend for someone wanting to dabble in the med spa who has never tried one of those types of services?

The best recommendation will come from one of Rē’s medical professionals. They have trained eyes for anatomy and can help take guests through a customized treatment plan to look and feel better. Botox or Dysport is a popular introduction into the world of injectables and fillers. More often, we see people of all backgrounds come in for laser treatments, including BroadBand Light or laser hair removal. Fall and winter months are an ideal time to start a laser treatment plan.

 Is there anything else we should know or that you want to mention?

 We have everything from massage cupping to hair extensions to injectables. We administer all services through caring service providers that desire to satisfy your wellness and beauty needs. Life on the go, or life at home, we’re here for everyone that walks through our doors. We look forward to relaxing and refreshing with all those who are looking for a true Rē experience. 


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