A Small, Local Business Offers gluten-free granola done right

While many people might not see the sense in rethinking granola from the ground up, Jeremie Walker, founder of Noble Oat, wanted his customers eating healthier, cleaner foods. Having grown up in the beautiful wilderness of West Virginia, Jeremie forged an early relationship with our environment. Through this, he realized he wanted his customers to have the same experiences, in the form of nourishing snacks that come from the environment.

As a physician, Jeremie wanted to return to the original roots of granola, which has somewhat lost its way over the decades. Modern granola has additives and preservatives, and tons of unnecessary sugars. Noble Oat’s granola, much like the original “granula,” was intended to be a health food without any additives. 

Noble Oat sources the best ingredients they can find in order to “feed you a wholesome, intentional snack.” Not only does this result in delicious, nutritious snacking for you and your family, but it also supports local farms and local businesses as well. If there’s not a retailer close to you that carries Noble Oat, don’t worry—they ship, and ship responsibly. 

All shipping boxes for Noble Oat are sourced from a “misfit” company that takes otherwise unusable shipping boxes and uses them to reduce waste, and all of their bags are resealable, and reusable. In addition to their usage of misfit boxes, Noble Oat also uses biodegradable packaging tape and packing labels from a local shipping company—supporting small businesses at the same time as supporting the planet is no small feat. 

Not only does Noble Oat believe in using biodegradable, reusable and sustainable materials in their packaging, but 1% of their profits every year are contributed to environmental conservation efforts. But if you’re just looking for delicious granola, or granola recipes, Noble Oat’s got that covered, too. From smoothie bowls, no-bake granola chips, to a decadent dark chocolate granola bar, these in-house creations are perfect for those seeing a gluten-and-sugar-free snack.