A Taste of Charlotte Health & Wellness at Lotus Soul Cafe

Charlotte Health & Wellness
Charlotte Health & Wellness Cafe Lotus Soul

Heather Krengel and Sheila Tierney are the enterprising duo behind Lotus Soul Cafe, a homeopathic wellness shop specializing in organic fare and spiritual wellbeing. From gourmet toast to kombucha on tap to health and wellness workshops, these ladies have created a one of a kind space for healing—be it physical, mental, or spiritual. 

Prior to opening Lotus Soul Cafe in 2019, Heather owned a meditation practice and worked in corporate medical sales, while Sheila held executive roles in global operations and management. Their shared passion for holistic wellness, combined with their desire to help others, was the catalyst for opening the shop. 

“Our love to serve others, coupled with our mutual respect for each other and this planet runs deep,” Heather said. 

Charlotte Health & Wellness
Charlotte Health & Wellness at Lotus Soul – Owners Sheila and Heather

The businesswomen first met through their daughters, who happened to be in the same elementary school class. What started as a casual relationship, soon turned into a genuine friendship, and eventually, a serendipitous career change. Using their unique experiences and backgrounds, they left the corporate world and followed their joint passion for wellness. 

“We believe our partnership was a great match due to Sheila’s extensive business, marketing, and services background along with my healthcare, sales, and spiritual background,” Heather said. 

Heather and Sheila chose to name the cafe after the symbolic lotus flower, which makes its home in murky rivers. Each night the flower descends below the surface only to rise again in the morning, remarkably radiant despite its daily journey through the muck and the mud. Heather first encountered its symbolism when she began meditating for postpartum depression and PTSD after the birth of her first child. The profound metaphor has stuck with her ever since. 

Charlotte Health & Wellness
Charlotte Health & Wellness Cafe – A Decked Out Toast

“Our tagline ‘Rise. Bloom. Radiate.’ was birthed from the practice of the lotus flower’s journey from muddy waters into sunlight each and every day,” Heather explained. “Our highest hope for the cafe, and our mission statement, is to help our guests rise, bloom, and radiate to their highest selves through our food, services, and environment.” 

The atmosphere of Lotus Soul Cafe is earthy and comfortable. Heather jokes that it’s a “California organic space where Gandhi and Oprah decided to have tea and toast.” According to her, the cafe was designed thoughtfully with an emphasis on calming elements such as wood, tile, and plants in mind. Even the concrete floors are polished with organic products. 

As far as their food offerings go, Lotus Soul Cafe’s menu prioritizes nutrition and flavor. The dishes were custom created with affordability, health, and local purveyors in mind. 

“We sneak in superfoods and veggies in almost every single offering,” Heather explained. “Our offerings are unique to this area, such as adding frozen cauliflower to smoothies or our crazy-popular, homemade, gourmet beet hummus toast.” 

Alongside their delicious organic cuisine, the cafe also offers wellness workshops, meditation classes, and support groups. But most importantly, Lotus Soul offers its guests a sense of community and belonging. 

Charlotte Health & Wellness

“We love community, and our plan is not to stop in Cornelius but continue to find other communities where we can help educate, heal, and make a positive impact,” Heather said. “ We want to continue spreading good vibes all around through food, classes, services, communion, and just relaxing in a cool space.”  

At its core, the Lotus Soul Cafe is all about nourishing the mind, body, and soul. Together Heather and Sheila have created a one of a kind space, where each day guests are encouraged to radiate.