Barry’s Bootcamp Drops into Atherton Mill

Barry's trainer

In November 2019, Atherton in South End got another resident when Barry’s bootcamp, an international boutique fitness concept, opened its first-ever North Carolina location. 

It’s a workout that launched in L.A. (the original locale turned 21 this year) and has since spread to dozens of other national and international urban markets. Known for its high-intensity, efficient workouts and its upscale amenities, Barry’s has a rabid fan base of dedicated fitness lovers following. 

The Charlotte location predictably picked up speed quickly — on any given weekday or weekend, the bright, open lobby area and stocked smoothie bar are flocked with fitness lovers lounging after class or waiting to enter the Red Room, Barry’s signature. The Red Room, where the workouts commence, has treadmills and a free-weight floor work area.

Their signature team of skilled trainers took some time to put down their mics and answer a few of our questions about the Charlotte gym that’s getting all the buzz. 

How is the “bootcamp” style workout different from a typical gym workout? 

Barry’s isn’t a fitness trend. It’s science. And it works: It’s an exercise program combining strength and cardio training in a nightclub atmosphere. Each class is appropriate for beginners, intermediate and advanced clients so no matter your fitness level you will get a challenging and effective workout.

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What can someone walking in for the first time expect?

Our high-intensity interval training is results driven, pushing participants to their physical and mental limits, and it’s efficient. A one hour class burns up to 1,000 calories, releases stress, and boosts your resting metabolism even after the class is over. Class is 50% treadmill, 50% strength training (or you can opt for “Double Floor” and do 100% strength). The Barry’s bootcamp program hits every muscle in the body, and each day focuses on a different muscle group to ensure clients see full-body results. 

What advice would you give to a first-time, especially if that person is worried about those *scary* treadmills? 😉

Don’t be a hero. Take it at your own speed and use our instructors’ speeds as guidance.

Tell us about the Fuel Bar. Why is that part of every Barry’s?

Your workout is only as effective as your nutrition. The Fuel Bar helps participants fuel their body before and after the Red Room experience. We have partnerships with brands like Super Coffee, Vital Proteins and more. To put it simply, consuming a protein smoothie immediately post-workout will enhance the benefits of your class. When you push through an intense workout like Barry’s, your muscle fibers begin to break down and endure damage. To repair and rebuild those fibers, a process called, “muscle protein synthesis” needs to happen. You’ll recover faster and actually gain more strength if you consume protein within 30 minutes. 

Barrys fuel

How does Barry’s train trainers?

All trainers go through extensive training, guided by our curriculum team. Everyone must spend at least one week in Los Angeles (where the workout was founded) and additional time in New York City working to become the best of the best in the industry. 

As trainers, how do you develop relationships with clients as you aid them through their fitness journey?
We strongly encourage all clients to speak to our instructors regarding any injuries or modifications they may need in class. The infectious energy of the Red Room and motivating instructors help get people through the workout enabling them to push past their limits. Our trainers are unique in that they have genuine relationships with each and every client. 

With locations in over ten states and internationally, what do you think has made Barry’s Bootcamp so successful? 

The secret to our success has been our community. Clients and employees create strong bonds and support each other inside and outside of the studio. We’re an inclusive yet exclusive group that works out hard and has a ton of fun.