Burn Boot Camp is Challenging Charlotte Women To Change Their Approach to Fitness


Burn Boot Camp owners Devan and Morgan Kline are Queen City transplants originally hailing from Battle Creek, Michigan. Upon their arrival in the city, they’ve built a fitness empire bent on cultivating a supportive, active community for women as they transform their lives and bodies.

Before opening Burn, Devan was a professional baseball player, and Morgan worked for a corporation as a sales analyst. They’d known they were meant for more. Devan had “developed a passion for fitness, health, mindset, and maximizing human potential” during his athletic career, and he soon realized that he wanted to help empower others through his passion. Once Devan found his calling as a professional trainer, it was only a short time before he discovered the foundation for a women’s only Burn Bootcamp.

Burn Boot Camp

“I always knew that women, moms especially, needed more,” says Devan. “From my rough and violent upbringing to traveling the country and staying with families for baseball, I got to witness firsthand how incredibly necessary a program that focused on the leaders of the household was.”

If Devan could influence the decision maker, he could “create happiness for the entire family while simultaneously creating advocates to other circles of influence.” In April of 2012, the couple began to lead their first camps, rain or shine, out of a parking lot. Now, Burn Bootcamp has reached 171 communities in 21 states across the country.

Burn Boot Camp isn’t just a place for women to go work out. “It’s a lifestyle fitness facility,” Devan asserts, “meant to inspire, empower, and transform the lives of busy women and their families. We provide a mindset and positive environment for women to encourage and motivate one another to get better every day. Our clients experience a high-energy 45-minute session that is progressively challenging and never the same. Our free childcare allows moms to focus on themselves so they can make their families better.”

Burn is uniquely different from other gyms beyond the community facet. The all-women classes are trained on proprietary “floating floors,” which is much like a gymnastics floor. With intensity and injury having a direct correlation, Devan and Morgan wanted to make sure their clients were as safe as possible.

burn boot camp

“Our average client hasn’t worked out in the past six months before attending Burn. The culture and community we represent gives them the confidence and atmosphere they need to change the way they view health and fitness,” says Devan.

While most gyms teach fitness and dieting, Burn Boot Camp has a five pillar philosophy, the formula used to help women raise the standard of who they are and what they are capable of accomplishing: mindset, nutrition, strength training, burst training, and a positive environment. It is with this innovative take on health that Burn can influence and touch the lives of thousands of women every day.

Burn Boot Camp does more than empower women, though. Each year they participate in national philanthropic efforts with organizations such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Wounded Warriors, and Susan G. Komen. Devan and Morgan are not focused on the bottom line. Their efforts to transform families and focus on civic engagement demonstrates that Burn Boot Camp is a catalyst for life enrichment in every single community it touches.