Healthy Habits: January Fitness Tips from Emily Watson


With the new year, everyone is in search of the newest killer workout they can do to get on the fast-track to fitness. Health and exercise expert Emily “Breeze” Watson knows a thing or two about that: the local powerhouse is a CrossFit certified yoga and mobility expert and the owner of Moga Charlotte. She leads a incredibly popular free boot camp Monday and Wednesdays nights at Stax at 6:30 pm. As one of Charlotte’s best and most well-known trainers, we thought there was no one better to give us some tips for how to kickstart a new year of health and fitness.

Emily recommends the special Stax is running right now because the package includes so many different offerings. Mixing up the style of exercise you do is one of the best ways to get in tip-top shape and keep your body guessing. Normally, the unlimited program at Stax is $195 a month for all of Stax’s exercise offerings – StaxFit StaxYoga, and StaxCycle. The month of January, the fitness professionals will run a special for $144.99 a month instead and they’ll even throw in 2 StaxCryo sessions a month. Cryotherapy exposes the body to extreme cold temperatures to stimulate the healing of its circulatory, nervous, and energy systems. It’s been hailed as a powerful remedial technology, and Stax is one of the few facilities in the city to feature it.

Emily herself is also teaching 30 minute abs classes that take places in a heated yoga room. They are half an hour of straight kick-ass core exercises that Emily formulated specially to burn tons of calories and sculpt your core in a high energy, heated, lights-off environment.

Check out more details on times and classes at and read more from Emily here.