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How did Khali Yoga start? Well, the practice of yoga has been a part of Lindsey Crisp’s life ever since she was a teen. A prolific high school athlete, Crisp had always felt the need to channel her near limitless energy into some sort of movement. When her mother took her to her first yoga class, she realized that sports weren’t the only outlet. In fact, yoga gave her something that traditional sports did not—a chance to slow down and focus on centering herself. 

“Growing up playing sports, I found myself drawn to the physical aspects of yoga,” recalls Crisp. “Yoga gave me a way to burn off energy while also teaching me how to breathe, listen to my body, and build a connection to my inner world.” 

That connection became more and more important to Crisp, until one day she noticed that she’d centered her career around yoga without even realizing it.

“I don’t really remember a moment that I decided to make yoga my career focus. I guess it happened over time—I just kept showing up to do what I loved.”

khali yoga
Photo credit Jamey Price

Crisp could’ve kept working at various studios for the rest of her career. However, one aspect of teaching yoga always felt like an obstacle to her. It was the kind of obstacle she could only overcome by owning her own studio. 

“Finding full-time employment within the yoga world proved to be an unsuccessful pursuit for me,” says Crisp. “It was commonplace to hear teachers talk about their ‘real jobs’ when referring to what they did outside of their two to three yoga classes a week. I wanted yoga to be my real job.”

To make that happen, she had to tackle the gig culture model of yoga employment head-on. Opening Khali Yoga allowed her to do just that.

A Professional Practice

“I knew it was possible to have a successful studio that provided full-time work, a living salary, and paid time off – yoga as a profession.”

Turns out, plenty of others were looking for a way to teach yoga full-time, too. After holding her first classes at her new studio in NoDa, Crisp discovered an eager community willing to support her. Now, as one of the neighborhood’s premier yoga studios, Khali Yoga keeps classes affordable and welcoming for those of all skill levels. 

khali yoga
Photo credit Jamey Price

“We have the best-priced yoga in Charlotte, in the best facility, with the best teachers,” says Crisp with pride. 

She’s even been able to expand her business by combining her love of houseplants with her love of yoga. Anyone looking to get into plants can buy select types through the studio and even take a houseplant 101 class. 

Those interested in trying out a plant care or yoga class can sign up online or through the studio’s scheduling app. With Crisp leading the way, the Khali Yoga community will always be ready to welcome newcomers.

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