Know the Goal

Chris Bryan, founder of the comprehensive fitness program for women, Carolina Sweat, helps his clients reach their goals through mental preparedness, a positive atmosphere, intense physical fitness, personalized diet, and community service.

Chris Bryan, master mind and creator of Carolina Sweat and the Mind Body Motivation system, knows his goal. The first part of his career was in the corporate world, helping people set their financial goals and working with them to find a path to help his clients reach them. He loved his motivational role in the lives of his clients but firmly believed he could help people on a broader scale. Trading his suit in for sweats, Chris Bryan decided that health and fitness was a better platform for motivating people to live better lives.

This sudden change in his career did not come without consequence though.

“At first some thought I was crazy to leave behind such a great career but I am blessed to be surrounded by great family and friends, and they always support me so once I was officially in, they were one hundred percent on board.”

Self doubt was not an option for Chris as he set his goals and filled in the blanks between. After quitting his corporate job, he became a Yoga instructor, a Certified Personal Trainer, and studied Advanced Nutrition. Using his motivational techniques from his previous job in combination with his health and fitness knowledge, Chris was able to create his Mind, Body, Motivation system.

“IT management allowed me to be a leader, a motivator and someone who can identify with what people need to make them tick. What works for one person won’t always work for another, and when it comes to fitness and nutrition, its important to customize my philosophy to my clients needs, to ensure they’re getting what they need to be their best.”

Carolina Sweat
Carolina Sweat


Chris Bryan’s philosophy and approach to health is more then just good nutrition and physical fitness, his system starts with mental preparation. What sets his system a part from most exercise programs, is that the basic principles of Mind Body Motivation can be applied to any and all  life goals, not just health and exercise.

“My passion for leading people and helping them transform into their absolute healthiest is what led me to develop the Mind Body Motivation system. The key to success in many areas of life starts with positive affirmation and a proper mindset, especially when it comes to our health. Set your goals high, create a plan, approach every action with intention and don’t let anything stop you from achieving it.”

This Mind Body Motivation philosophy was what inspired and created Charlotte’s own Carolina Sweat, a place dedicated to help its participants achieve their best health. Carolina Sweat offers a comprehensive and effective fitness program for women in three Charlotte locations.

“My greatest achievement is definitely launching Carolina Sweat. It incorporates all my beliefs about healthy living and the response has been unbelievable. I attribute the quick start to the real results and success stories people have seen from working with the my program.”
Chris Bryan tries to get his clients to understand that it is not about losing weight, or building muscle.  Its about seeing what the body is capable of doing, and then pushing it further. Within time weight loss and muscle gain happens without it having to be the constant focus.
“The positive vibe and motivation is what I’m all about. I believe people are capable of being amazing every day and I enjoy being able to help them down a path that can get them there.”

The first Carolina Sweat was first opened a little over two years ago off of South Boulevard. Since then, Chris has opened a location in Pineville, Matthews, and plans to open three more locations within the year. When asked why he decided to start a fitness program exclusive to women, Chris focuses on the big picture. He wanted to create a comfortable, non-competitive space conducive for a fitness community to form. Chris knows and understands that this is important for the program to succeed.

Every woman I train wants to see the women next to them succeed just as much as they want themselves to succeed. It’s a really special place, hard to describe, but it has turned into way more than just a place to workout. It has been awesome to watch the camaraderie and morale develop.”

From the beginning Chris and Carolina Sweat have been heavily involved in the Charlotte community, creating Sweat For A Cause program and supporting local groups anyway they can. Raising money and collecting food and clothes for Second Harvest Food Bank, Project Coats and various children’s cancer foundations to name a few.

We have been put in a position that allows us to create awareness to many different causes. We view our position as a blessing and also a responsibility. My training programs first and foremost build confidence, and confidence builds leaders, and leaders help those in need, so that is what we do, because that is who we are.”

To learn more about Chris Bryan, his Mind Body Motivation system, and all of his personal endeavors, visit To learn more about Carolina Sweat, group classes, one on one training, and nutrition counseling, visit  Carolina Sweat offers a free 10 day trial for all first time clients so that they can see if its for them.

“My clients often hear me say, ‘If you want more for your life personally, professionally, physically or mentally, it doesn’t matter how you start, just take the first step and start something.’ It doesn’t matter how you finish just as long as you finish the job. You’re not in it alone, we will do it together. Set a goal, work toward the goal, finish the goal. It really is that simple, and that is why I always say ‘Know the goal!’”
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