Liz & Clary of Hilliard Studio Method Tell Us The Top Healthy Cocktails To Order

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Vacation is usually the time when we all let loose and therefore might be more inclined to order one of those cocktails with a fun name from the menu. However, cocktails with a long list of ingredients are more likely than not to leave us feeling not so great afterwards. The ladies at Hilliard Studio Method are here to help you confidently make your best cocktail choices, and swap in healthier options for those cocktail standards.

According to the top 10 most unhealthy cocktails are:
Long Island Iced Tea
Pina Colada
White Russian
Mai Tai
French 75
Fog Cutter
Gin/Vodka Tonic

Liz and Clary suggest opting for one of these low calorie options that will also tingle your taste buds:
Vodka Soda with a lime slice
White Wine
Champagne or Prosecco – add in a few berries for a pop of color
Red Wine
German beers, such as Heineken light and local beers (OMB Copper in Charlotte is one of our favorites). These beers are usually made without high fructose corn syrup and additives, using only water, barley and hops.
Their current favorite bar order, though? They tell us it’s currently tequila with soda and juice from half of a lime.

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