The Esthetician and the Duckling: Swan Beauty

swan beauty
Photo credit: Jamey Price

From Charlotte’s beauty guru Lindsey Regan Thorne and her business partner Leigh Humphrey comes their newest concept: Swan Beauty. It’s a beauty subscription service setting a new precedent for personalized service. By combining the insights of data with the expertise of experienced estheticians, Swan Beauty is changing the game.

Here’s how it works. Subscribers begin with a beauty quiz to provide the company with baseline information about their needs. Next, customers choose whether they would prefer to overhaul their beauty regimen or simply find the perfect product that has been eluding them. One of Swan Beauty’s professional beauty experts then reviews the customer’s information. They hand select products tailored to the customer’s specific needs. The subscriber receives a tester of each product as well as a full-size product. That way, they then purchase the products that they like and return the items that aren’t needed.

These services have attracted teenagers, octogenarians, and everyone in between. Customers rely on Swan Beauty to help them choose their wedding day makeup, refresh their look, learn how to establish a look, or introduce them to something new and different.

The Power of Personalization

Swan Beauty has carved out a unique position in the realm of beauty product subscription companies. Its beauty portal, tutorials, and personalization all set it apart from competitors.

The beauty portal is where Swan Beauty houses all inventory data and customer data. It operates as a knowledge conduit for Swan Beauty’s experts so they can better match customers’ specific needs and preferences with the right products.

Swan Beauty’s service doesn’t end with matching the product to the person. The company goes the extra mile by offering detailed instructions and tutorials on how best to apply their products. From customized skincare regimens to top-notch smokey eyes, the Swan Beauty professionals help customers get the most out of their products.

swan beauty founders
Photo credit: Jamey Price

Finally, Swan Beauty offers unsurpassed flexibility and personalization. Customers can choose whether to engage with the company as a subscriber or make an “on-demand” purchase. Subscribers can change their preferences month-to-month for enhanced flexibility. Although the flexibility is convenient, the personalized products are what really sets Swan Beauty apart. The company’s experts select products specific to the customer’s unique needs, preferences, and budget. No two boxes are the same.

Entrepreneur Meets Expert

The Charlotte-based company launched in the fall of 2020 under the direction of Leigh and Lindsey.

Leigh worked for 20 years in the fashion/apparel industry for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Saks Fifth Avenue, and VF Corp (The North Face, Timberland, Vans, ect). She saw firsthand the importance of crafting a personalized experience for customers especially in the luxury sector, which spurred the idea for Swan Beauty.

Meanwhile, Lindsey had been honing her skills as a makeup and hair artist by meeting demand for her services across the Carolinas and developing her social media brand. Leigh knew that to give her business the best chance of success, she needed someone with Lindsey’s knowledge and skill set.  

“I feel like we have the perfect complement of skill sets to be in business together,” says Lindsey. “We are complete opposites, which works well for us as we have fairly defined roles.” Lindsey focuses on product, social media, and customer education. Meanwhile, Leigh tackles technology, advertising, vendor relations, and strategic initiatives.

So, what’s next for this dynamic duo? Lindsey and Leigh plan to continue expanding the company’s offerings, including holiday gift boxes and virtual makeup lessons. But that’s surely only the beginning of what will come from the Swan Beauty team.