The Best Places To Get Fit In Charlotte

There are countless ways to get in shape this new year and we’’ve got nearly all of them covered, whether you want to get your yoga on or peddle your way to a healthy body.

Kadi- Lifestyle Design Studio

Walk into a fitness studio that looks nothing like your typical gym, because it’s not, it’s a Lifestyle Design Studio. Most of us are never more empowered in our day more than we are right after a workout; it’s the ultimate feeling of reckless abandon. At Kadi, they believe that the inspiration that you get from your workout, should be applied to all facets of your life. By also infusing in art, music, culture, and inspirational speakers, they take the mundane out of life, and live life the way it was designed.  •

Koko Fitness

This just may be fitness for the future. Koko Fitness uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver you your very own automated personal trainer. This technology takes the best of exercise science and customizes your own workout that incorporates high-efficiency cardio and strength training.


The facilities at the Jewish Community Center are second to none. Its expansive campus has state-of-the-art equipment, countless fields and courts for athletes to take advantage of, and the David Silverman Fitness & Wellness Center that offers a wide variety of training.

Yoga One

Yoga helps with so many things in a person’s life, from flexibility to vitality and energy. It also improves your balance and harmony with your surroundings. At Yoga One the instructors and staff inspire and empower each individual to seek and follow their journey to the alignment with their true and Higher Self, with their world around them and with the divine. This journey leads to freedom, transformation, love, and joy, all of which you need to improve your overall wellness this year.

Om Spa

If you think about it, all forms of natural healthcare focus on balancing the body, whether it is chi for acupuncturists, muscle balance for massage therapists, or pH, diet, stress levels, toxin levels, and probiotics for digestive health professionals. At Om Spa, a recommended medical grade detox is a good start to removing heavy metals, restoring pH balance, and detoxifying your liver, all of which can help your body become more balanced.

Charlotte Athletic Club

Charlotte Athletic Club is an exclusive, upscale fitness center providing its members with the tools to maximize their health and wellness and achieve their own personal goals. They offer a wide variety of services to do so, including personal training, group exercise, massage therapy, golf, nutrition programs, and much more.

Greg Ott Physical Therapy

Physical therapy’s main goal is to get you back to your normal state, free of pain and suffering. The staff at Greg Ott Physical Therapy and Sports Performance are eager to tackle their clients’ resolutions. From offering ASTYM, a manual technique that regenerates healthy soft tissues to Dance Medicine and TPI Golf Assessments, clients looking to rehab and get their life back need to look no further.