The Yoga Studio That Isn’t: The Story of NC Yoga Bar

NC Yoga Bar

“Charlotte is our studio… We’re an escape from normal, so I like to say NC Yoga Bar is an experience.”

So says Lindsay Cunningham, the dreamer and creator of a new kind of fitness experience.

On any given Wednesday, you might walk into the Mint Museum in Uptown and notice a whole bunch of yogis in downward-facing dog pose, with their mats spread right in the center of the Museum’s light drenched atrium. Not what you were expecting in an art museum? Cunningham is all about doing the extraordinary.

Her pop-up style studio features classes weekly in some of the most unique environments around the city, from breweries and juice shops to McGill Rose Garden & Nectar Floral Boutique on the edge of NoDa.

“I try to find exciting, iconic and original places in Charlotte that aren’t doing anything like [what we’re doing],” she says. “The lack of a set practice space actually lifted limitations. The biggest advantage that came out of a challenge was realizing that I don’t have any walls to confine the things I wanted to try. Instead of trying to get people through my doors, why not take yoga to them? I could go wherever people are and make it less about the yoga, more about the business.”

The Chicago native started practicing yoga right after graduating college. Yoga rapidly became a huge part of her life, and it transformed her health and wellbeing so significantly that she saw no other option than to make it her life’s main focus.

Lindsay’s mission was simple: “To open up a door to yoga’s incredible health benefits for people who may not otherwise have access.”


For Lindsay, what inspires her daily is not just the physical benefits yoga offers, but how much it contributes to a happy life. At the end of the day, she says, her goal is simply to remind people to leave their outside lives outside, and to have fun on their mat, surrounded by the beautiful scenery the Queen City has to offer.

For more information about NC Yoga Bar visit @ncyogabar