Toska Spa Charts a SouthPark Expansion

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Toska Husted is one of the most respected facial skincare experts not just in Charlotte, but in the world. She works with high-profile clients including Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, the Kardashians, and Mandy Moore to help them achieve radiant, healthy, youthful skin. After opening a Toska Spa location in Charleston, Toska brought her business to the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte in 2016. (If you saw a substantial increase in the number of glowing, beautiful faces then, Toska Husted is probably why.) Now, Toska is moving again. But this time just down the road to the SouthPark area of Charlotte to provide greater convenience to clients.

The new space took two years to design and build and cost a cool $1.2 million to create. Toska worked with Spectrum Building and Black Dove Interiors to create 3,500 square feet of state-of-the-art, private treatment rooms and more, which better equips the spa to offer “curated skincare, expert advice,” as the new slogan goes.

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Photo credit: Jamey Price

New Space, New Services

With the fresh digs, the Toska Spa team had the opportunity to add a Facial Bar. This new feature is designed with busier clients in mind who may not always have time for a traditional facial. Meanwhile, millennial clients will find the Facial Bar to be a quicker and more affordable skincare alternative. In just 30 minutes, clients can enjoy some of Toska’s most popular services, perhaps even squeezed into a lunch break or mercifully tacked onto the end of a long day.

Other changes include increased capacity, extended hours, and seven-day-a-week availability. These are much-needed additions in order to keep up with an ever-increasing demand for Toska Spa services.

toska spa
Photo credit: Jamey Price

Tool, Tech, Team

Toska and her expert staff offer facial treatments, body treatments, waxing, tinting, micropuncture lab-intensive treatment, and more. They use the latest technologies and techniques, as well as the highest quality products. All clients begin their journey at Toska Spa with a detailed skin analysis and lifestyle consultation. These fact-finding sessions give the Toska Spa team the information they need in order to offer informed, hyper-personalized services that produce exceptional results.

Of course, the tools and technologies at Toska Spa are only as good as the professionals who wield them. That’s why Toska reinforces her skills and pads her knowledge through continuous learning with industry leaders in New York, Paris, London, and around the world. Doing so enables her to lead her team to the forefront of wellness and skincare.

The new Toska Spa location ushers forth changes in services and hours. But one thing will remain the same. “We will continue to focus on skincare by offering clients expert advice and the most advanced facial treatments in the beauty industry.”

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