Carolina Treehouse is Southern Host’s Newest Vacation Destination

There are few things as refreshing as a change of scenery. To leave the mundane views of the everyday and instead behold something as minute as a different kitchen countertop can mean a world of difference in creativity, productivity, mood, and more. 

The Southern Host, led by local Charlotteans Alyssa and Brian Foushee, provides just such an experience only 15 minutes from Uptown. Pull down a shaded drive tucked into a forgotten forest and you’ll see a singular spire competing with the canopy for blue sky access. Inch closer and a porch will appear around the pillar, coaxing travelers ever nearer.

Dubbed “The Carolina Treehouse,” this hideaway offers a serene experience not unlike a treehouse, but for grown-ups who want their serenity to come accompanied by creature comforts like a swinging, outdoor daybed and a beautifully decorated interior.

Surrounded by quiet woods and nature’s calm, you’d never believe you were within the 485 loop unless you looked at a map. The Carolina Treehouse is perched on the edge of a small pond, where a smooth dock extends toward the wooded shore opposite the house. At this hideaway, there’s every opportunity to connect with nature. Take in the view from the Treehouse’s wraparound porch while cooking dinner on the outdoor grill. Or recline on the hammock embedded in the porch’s floor for a clear view of the night sky.

Inside the Treehouse, more magic awaits. The space is small but never feels cramped. In fact, an earthy color palette and cozy textures like wicker, wood, and fur make it hard to tear oneself from the coziness of the indoors in pursuit of the property’s splendor. Each interior detail is an intentional choice. Alyssa Foushee, along with her husband Brian, has made a name for herself by curating outstanding properties.

The Southern Host

Alyssa and Brian’s company, The Southern Host, sprang into being at the end of 2017. The couple had designs to relocate but couldn’t bring themselves to say goodbye completely to their home. They decided to hold onto the house and list it on Airbnb. Thus began The Southern Host.

Now, the couple owns more than five homes, four of which are in the Charlotte area. Each effuses the charm and comfort that embodies Southern hospitality, plus Alyssa’s impeccable eye for interior design. It’s no surprise that their listings have ranked in the top 2% on Airbnb.

The Southern Host homes offer the kind of experience you might expect at a world-class vacation destination. However, they do so just a stone’s throw from your Queen City neighborhood. Charlotteans can enjoy the luxury of a vacation rental and the transformative power of new scenery. And they can do so without ever booking airfare or enduring a long car ride.