Prime Choice at Steak 48

steak 48
Photo credit Jamey Price

It’s possible to dine at Steak 48 every day for a year and never sit in the same spot twice. With 11,500 square feet and 400 seats to choose from, Steak 48 didn’t come to Charlotte to play around.

Almost a year has passed since Steak 48 opened its doors in December 2020. Since then, the restaurant has held true to its commitment to providing an experience ripe with choices. This commitment is predicated on the belief that fine dining means something different to everyone – even to the same person at different moments. That’s why, at Steak 48, you won’t find a large, open dining area. Instead, you’ll discover a collection of intimate spaces. One space may offer the quiet privacy perfect for a date while another might exude the kind of energy that befits a special occasion.

“It’s all about having lots of comfortable, welcoming options so that no matter what brought you to Steak 48, you say to yourself, ‘You know, I’m in the right place. This is exactly where I want to be,’” says Chief Brand Officer Oliver Badgio.

steak 48
Photo credit Jamey Price

Steak Lover’s Paradise

Choosing where to sit is just the beginning. Peruse the menu and you’ll find more than the typical steakhouse fare. Interesting appetizers like crispy shrimp deviled eggs, chicken fried lobster tails, and braised pork belly drizzled with local honey; creative side dishes like double-baked truffle potatoes, corn creme brulee, and Alaskan king crab and rock shrimp mac and cheese; and strong seafood mains like Chilean sea bass and New Bedford sea scallops all vy for attention on the menu.

That being said, Steak 48 is still a steak lover’s paradise. The restaurant has its own in-house butcher, which means access to butcher’s cuts; named as such because they’re so delicious that butchers used to save these prize cuts for themselves. It also means that the chef and butcher can easily collaborate to ensure that each cut is the exact specification that meets or exceeds the Steak 48 standards. Steak 48 also serves Wagyu beef, uniquely tender and uniquely tasty, to ensure that the restaurant is providing steak lovers’ taste buds with an unrivaled experience.

Executive Chef Heather King, formerly of Le Meridien, brings her creative twists, sophisticated palate, and exceptional culinary experience to the Steak 48 menu. “She’s just dynamic,” gushes Badgio. “You know, I think the only thing bigger than her ability to deliver in the kitchen is her personality. She loves what she does. And she’s just so darn good at it.”

The creators of Steak 48 pulled out all of the stops when it came to developing a bar program. You’ll find not only 100 wines available by the bottle, but also 48 delectable, best-in-class, high-end wines available by the glass, ranging from very bold to very approachable. Steak 48’s hand-crafted, signature cocktails come from local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. This roots the restaurant more solidly in its Charlotte location.

Local Flair

With other locations already established in Houston, Chicago, and Philadelphia, the owners of Steak 48, brothers Mike and Jeff Mastro were drawn to the Queen City in large part due to its strong community bonds, reinforced by philanthropy and intentional relationships. The Steak 48 team members intend to add to these bonds by dedicating time and resources to local charitable efforts. And, of course, by offering an outstanding culinary experience. 

“What we do is the totality of the experience. It’s not just the food, or the atmosphere, or the luxury personal service, or the meticulously designed environment, it’s wrapping it all into one,” says Badgio. “The truth is, at the end of the day, we’re selling an experience with a side of steak and wine.”