Charlotte’s Stylist To The Stars Talks Travel, Fashion, And Southern Style

Kristin Heinrich
Photos by Jamey Price

Charlotte stylist Kristin Heinrich spent the early part of her career in New York City. As an event planner, she worked with companies like Gucci, Hermes, La Perla, Tod’s and Burberry. Inside looks into that industry solidified a love for fashion that eventually steering her toward private styling. Today, she has a clientele who range from CEO’s to athletes to busy moms.

How did your business begin?
I always loved fashion, but it was completely unplanned and random how I ended up in this field. In high school, I found a real joy in shopping and later worked in boutiques during college. Helping my customers put looks together came naturally to me and was fun. Later, I started my own business and have been very fortunate to since remain busy styling all kinds of clients.

What is your favorite part of your work?
The best part of my job is that it never feels like a job! I honestly get excited to find the perfect look for whatever my client’s need may be. I’m not changing the world or saving lives, but I know for certain that my clients walk out of their doors feeling more confident and their success is my success.

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What inspires you?
I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to go to Milan, New York and San Francisco every year, so travel for me is the biggest inspiration: the ingenious layering of the San Francisco locals, the effortless style in Milan, the incredible people watching in NYC.

What are some of the services you provide?
I do closet edits, shop for specific vacations or events, and dress people for public/TV appearances. Working with media production companies such as Wheelhouse Media is another fun part of my job. Styling on a live set for commercials or on location for videos is always great.

Describe your own style.
Simple and effortless – my style is constantly changing and evolving, and my travels to different cities and countries is a big influence on my style.

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