Meet Charlotte style blogger Noah Williams helps us find the fit

Noah Williams Charlotte Style Blogger

In an often excess-obsessed, media-saturated society, quality can grow… neglected. Not so for Charlotte style blogger Noah Williams, who curates carefully and has an eye for detail that’s unmatched. With over 18 thousand followers on Instagram and a thriving menswear blog, Williams exhibits the power of the classics, no matter your age, by modeling a lifestyle of simple luxuries and motivating others to follow suit.

Traditional, tailored, and trendy, Williams assures us that fit and finish are fashions that will never go out of style. Here, Noah gives us the exclusive on modern menswear and how to elevate your closet essentials to achieve your own luxury look.

To start off, are you from Charlotte?
My dad worked for a construction business, so I moved around a lot. I’d been in the Winston Salem area for about 13 years, finished up school in Charlotte and then wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I took a PR internship in New York. I worked there for five months, then realized I wanted to continue school at UNC Charlotte, where I will be graduating in May.

What was your first exposure to menswear?
I’d had a bunch of different Tumblr accounts for my photography, but it took two months to set up my first real website. Once I launched it, it got really good engagements throughout the first three to four weeks; after that, because it was portfolio, it completely fell off. I was distressed and wanted to figure out a way to keep people coming back, so I started a blog. I did a flat lay shoot with Lululemon a “what to wear when you’re shooting a wedding” piece — that piqued a lot of interest. That’s when it started to turn into a hobby. I started going to different thrift stores and finding clothes that were cool and fit well, and it all kept progressing from there.

What are some tips you’d give our readers about dressing themselves?
I try and stay more traditional with my style more classic. If it’s hot outside and I want to wear a suit, I’ll put a nice polo on underneath and just have it tucked in. Dress shirts and no-show socks are great for the spring… just keep your fabrics lighter and try to wear more colors.

Noah Williams Charlotte Style Blogger
Noah Williams, Charlotte Style Blogger

How much should that style change going into fall?
Honestly, I wear a lot of the same pieces in fall. Finding a field jacket is good. Fall trends are looking like medium and lighter trench coats, loafers, nice pants, good blazers.

What about more casual?
For suiting, find a jacket with a shorter body so you can wear it with denim. Look for quality polos and t-shirts that you can pair with anything; make sure to have nice, solid colored polos and a well-tailored set of essentials.

What is your favorite accessory?
Watches or glasses and actual eye glasses. Especially for summer, if you have a watch that can change straps, get different straps and switch them out.

Do you have a particular favorite article of clothing?
Right now I have a really great, almost perfectly-tailored, slim-fit, navy windowpane blazer that has faint gray striping on it. I love it because I can wear it in so many different ways. Also, a good pair of brown leather loafers are always a go-to for me.

Noah Williams Charlotte Style Blogger
Noah Williams, Charlotte Style Blogger

What do you see for the future of blogging?
I think it will continue to get harder. I always tell people: it just takes time and patience. I’ve been luckyI have gotten to work with a lot of great brands. I think, with the way social media works, it’s a little harder to start out now, but if you’re putting out good, consistent content, people will pay attention. Because media is so oversaturated with poor-quality stuff, quality stands out.

Is there anything else you wanted to add?
My goal is to show people, at an elevated level, all that you can do with style while still keeping it approachable. So a guy can look at my stuff and say, “I may not have a Rolex or Gucci loafers, but I have some nice things… how can I wear and elevate those things?” That’s what I try to do. I like to look at style as more of a process of putting things together well and not so much as worrying about the price tag. A nice suit, some nice loafers, and a nice watch are all you need; that is the foundation. Start with the basics, focus on the fit, and don’t worry so much about the brand.