When It Comes To Men’s Clothing In Charlotte NC You Need To Know Enzo Custom

When it comes to men’s clothing Charlotte NC, you need to know about Enzo Custom. The brand was founded in 2011, under the idea that luxury custom clothing could be an option for all budgets. Today, Enzo has locations in major hubs like New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and California. Two and a half years ago, The Queen City was lucky to become yet another home base, and the Charlotte showroom was opened in the heart of Uptown with sweeping city views and an opulent atmosphere.

Dive in with us here as we chat with the team about the many unique offerings at Enzo Custom, and what you can expect during the client experience. 

What do you specialize in?  Hint: Men’s Clothing Charlotte NC

When you are searching for men’s clothing Charlotte NC look no further than Enzo. Enzo creates custom garments from scratch and specializes in tuxedos, suits, shirts, and overcoats. 

Do you also have any “off the rack” options?

While we only create custom garments, we believe our unparalleled pricing allows our offering to reach those that may have never considered custom as an option.

What makes you different from any other menswear store in the area?

Enzo Custom is a vertically integrated company that supplies hundreds of other custom retailers worldwide. We strive to hire the highest skilled clothiers that offer one-on-one luxury appointments.

Tell us about your process for fitting someone for their custom suit, shirt or accessories? How do you go about choosing the style or fabric?

We start with taking up to 31 unique measurements and assessing posture for each garment we offer. We’ll discuss fabric selections with each client that align with their aesthetic and budget as well as the different properties of textiles from mills such as Loro Piana, Zegna, and our Enzo Sartori line. Our customization process is extensive and allows clients to select from thousands of different combinations like buttons, stitching, and linings. We streamline this process by creating an environment in which we get to know our client’s individual tastes and preferences. 

Do you offer virtual appointments?

While the measurement process can only take place in person, we do offer virtual consultations and orders for existing clients. 

What is something about Enzo our readers might not know?

Enzo offers a state-of-the-art 3D visualizer that allows us to build digital models of garments right on our website. This modeler gives fine details down to the stitch color of buttonholes and gives clients a way to envision one of a kind garments before they’re produced.  

What do you think your Men’s Clothing Charlotte NC current customers would say their favorite thing or part of the experience is at Enzo?

Our clients often speak most highly of the experience that is Enzo Custom. From the highrise view to the glass of scotch to wearing an Enzo garment, we truly make sure there is no other custom clothing experience that comes close to exemplifying the luxury feeling one gets in an Enzo showroom. 

What are new customers most surprised about when it comes to experience, pricing, quality or otherwise?

No other custom clothier offers such a high luxe experience alongside the highest of quality standards and expert clothiers and can match Enzo’s pricing. The nature of our business allows us to do something special with custom clothing that was once out of reach to the masses while also still offering the finest textiles. 

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