Gift This: Bespoke Gloves from Fitzgerald Morrell

The Broughton Glove from Fitzgerald Morrell

Pat Morrell’s gorgeous leather gloves are some of the best-fitting (and warmest) locally-commissioned fashion items you can give your favorite pair of hands this winter. That perfect fit is due to their custom-made nature. Once Pat has your loved one’s measurements, he’ll send them off to his partners—a bunch of 4th-generation glovemakers in Dorset, England.

Consider this one an honorable mention, though: You can’t actually get a pair of Fitzgerald Morrell gloves before Christmas, as there’s a multi-week turnover from the time your hands are measured to the time your gloves arrive on your doorstep. Sorry—durable, bespoke luxury doesn’t happen overnight. This one requires the long game of gift giving.

Pictured is the Broughton, a classic men’s winter-fashion style. Check out more glove options at See our other gift picks here, and pick up a copy of the Holiday Issue for a massive four-page spread of other gift ideas. Stay tuned for more gift options every day until Christmas!