In Bloom

We caught up with Heidi and Brandon Garcia of Lily Bee’s Events And Florals to learn about their journey to Lily Bees Events + Florals and how to create stunning holiday arrangements. 

What were you doing before you started Lily Bee’s Events + Florals?
I worked for a company providing the florals and decor for the NASCAR and IRL race series nationwide. Brandon worked for Charlotte Motor Speedway doing sales and events.

What inspired you to start your floral business and what was appealing to about owning your own business?
We wanted to be with our kids more and live our lives on our own terms. Not waking up to an alarm every morning! We wanted to escape that 9-5 rat race. [We wanted to] provide something special that we were proud to put our names on and that we believed would make a difference.

Who taught you how the florals business and how to arrange?
I started learning from two ladies actually, in Southern California, that have been florists for years. They’re so talented with such amazing stories and are still great friends today. But I love all the designers I’’ve learned from over the years and love to watch other florists work today and to see what they do.

What is the best thing about Lily Bee’s?
The couples are the absolute best! We’’ve had so many couples that just touch our hearts and we enjoy staying in touch and seeing their relationships grow.

How do you select what flowers, textures, colors for your arrangement?
I take various elements out of the images we collect on our inspiration boards and then select from what will be in season and is highest of quality. Then when the time comes, I’’ll browse through what’s available from the growers and add to the order as needed.

What flowers are staples in many of your most popular arrangements?
Hydrangeas are always great because they’re cost effective, large, and available year round. The other staples are roses, calla lilies, peonies, orchids. I also love to mix it up with different greens and various textures too.

When designing holiday flower arrangements where do you start?
I start with a theme: classic, silver and gold, candy-land, traditional, modern, etc. If you walk into any retail store during the holiday’s you will see that every thing is based around the theme. I start there to make specific arrangements that emphasize my theme.

What features of the home can come to life with added flower arrangements?
The mantle, dining table, and entry are always first, but I think the unexpected areas are equally important – a little vase in the bathroom, an arrangement in the guest bedroom, and your bedroom too, is always welcoming. Also any accent tables just scream for vignettes during the holidays!

What are your top three tips for our readers when they want to create their own holiday flower arrangements?
Make sure you find fresh, healthy blooms and greens, change the water often, and have fun! Don’’t feel stressed to make it look “just like the picture”. Put your own style to it!

What types of flowers are perfect for the holiday season and why?
Roses and carnations are great for some festive color, hydrangeas, evergreens and berries, and the seasonal blooms like paper whites, amaryllis, and poinsettias.

What kinds of decor aspects do you incorporate into the arrangements?
I love mixing in non-floral touches! Iced branches, twigs, berries, pinecones, ornaments, vintage decor, and so much more

Is there such a thing as overkill when it comes to your holiday floral arrangement and how do you stay away from that?
There’’s a time and a place – you may have a large mantle to go all out on or maybe a two story foyer – those places are great to go big or go home! Dining tables with mass flowers and decor is a huge pet peeve of mine. Keep your guests in mind. No one wants to try and eat that amazing meal you’’ve crafted with flowers, twigs and sappy greens in their face and on their plate. Simplistic elegance wins every time. I think we’’ll start selling shirts that say that!

What can a beautiful flower arrangement add to your overall theme?
Look in all the magazines and and on all the shows. The ones with gorgeous spaces decorated to perfection have flowers. We all want that fresh element and it can completely transform any space, especially on a cold, dreary day. A burst of colorful, fresh flowers are sure to brighten anyone’s day!

What kinds of natural wreaths and other features do you use to accompany your flower arrangements?
Whatever I can find! We order in items, collect from our own property, and buy from various sources along the way. I love the natural touches that aren’’t the same “expected” things then I mix in the fresh flowers. I think they make such a statement!

What is the most important thing for our readers to consider when creating their holiday arrangements?
Have fun with it! Is it for a party, a dinner, just to enjoy each day? Get into it and be creative, it’’ll make such a difference.

What do you think is the biggest challenge when creating or selecting their holiday flower arrangements and how can they overcome this challenge?
I think sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. We’’re all so busy during the holidays- parties to attend, so much shopping to do, travel, guests, the lists are always a mile long! Especially when floral design is not in your “normal” activities it can be very intimidating, that’s where sharing with our team what you’re looking for and letting us take that stress off can be very helpful. Your guests will never need to know!

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