Southern Style: True Sophistication And Charm With Bow Ties

southern bow ties

The Kimpton Collection’s Brice Hotel in Savannah is the perfect nod to southern style. This is perhaps nowhere better embodied than by their General Manager, Mitch Linder, who wear his signature bow tie to work each day.

The Brice Hotel, a boutique located in the heart of Savannah’s classic historic district, opened May 20, 2014. It’s an adaptive reuse of one of the city’s buildings, originally built in the 1860s. It pays homage to the building’s rich history while putting Kimpton’s playful and contemporary modern twist on the hotel.

southern bow ties


Mitch brings true southern style to work, and his staff caught on quickly, too. Whether striped, solid, spotted or checkered, it’s the one staple that Mitch thinks every gentleman needs in his closet. His personal closet is home to more than 50. Mitch’s bow tie style complements the hotel’s unique and stylish vibe, and constantly piques the interest of guests.

However, tying a bow tie isn’t the easiest skill to master, so Mitch created a tutorial teaching everyone the coveted craft. In the one minute video, he gives step-by-step instructions, making the once dreaded task as easy as possible.


southern style

“Growing up in the Midwest, I didn’t truly embrace a go-to style until moving to the South, where being a ‘southern gentleman’ is not only about how you act, but about how you dress,” said Mitch.“To pull off the bow tie, it’s all in the attitude.”

Mitch also leads The Brice’s ‘Bow Tie Fridays,’ a weekly social hour where guests learn the art of tying a bow tie while Mitch conducts the informal, yet instructional five-step bow tying course over complimentary wine from 5-6 p.m. every Friday.

Visit The Brice, explore the city, and see Mitch in action: