Style Q & A With Twine and Twig

The hats of Twine & Twig
The hats of Twine & Twig

The stylish sisters Elizabeth and Jacquelyn talk about their new spring line, their East Blvd studio, and new ponchos and hats.

How has Twine & Twig evolved in the last year?

Our company has grown in a way we never thought possible. We quickly outgrew our home as a workplace and have moved into a cool new studio where we have a few great girls working for us!

What made y’’all decide to branch out from simply necklaces and other jewelry and introduce the ponchos and hats?

It was a natural progression to add other accessories to expand our brand. It felt only natural to carry over what is important and rustic about Twine & Twig into other areas.

Twine & Twig originals
Twine & Twig originals

What’s the story behind the colorful Twine & Twig ponchos?

Our winter poncho is made from African mud cloths – we handpick them from our African bead supplier who gets them directly from his family’s village. We have them altered and adorn them with elements and beads. We recently launched our new Spring/Summer poncho that is a vintage indigo material. It is lightweight and is the perfect beach cover-up.

What about the Twine & Twig hats?

Where are they made, who makes them, what are they made out of, and what was the inspiration behind them. Always in search for the perfect hat- we couldn’t find one that was just right- so we created one. We took a great felt fedora and embellished it with our signature suede strap and fun elements to create that perfect rustic fedora. With our winter hats being such a hit- we have sourced straw hats directly from a family in the Bahamas to create our spring/summer hat.

When did the new spring line of Twine & Twig launch?

Our spring line launched in February and there are several pops of color. The colors were inspired by tones of the sea. They have a beautiful and soft color that stays true to Twine & Twig’s earthy inspired brand.

Any new styles or statement pieces to add to the antlers, shells, or horse hair tassels?

We have just launched our new Cowrie Collar that has been in the works for 6 months. It is so exciting to see an idea come to fruition because there is so much work between the idea, design and bringing it to life.

With all of your new pieces are you still maintaining the naturally shed environmentally friendly theme and if so why is this so important to y’all?

Absolutely, it is very important to us that we stay true to the values at the core of our brand. We are finding more and more ways to support villages and families and in turn able to give back and support which is important to us.

Any new fun stories of celebrities/designers wearing or carrying T&T?

Twine & Twig was recently spotted on set of The Mysteries of Laura on Debra Messing which was a cool moment!

What’s in store for the Fall line and what is your creative process when designing the next line and the next pieces?

We can’t divulge our secrets quite yet but let’s just say that there might be a home decor and mens line in Twine & Twig by fall!

Elizabeth and Jacquelyn of Twine & Twig
Elizabeth and Jacquelyn of Twine & Twig

Have any issues come up with the expansion of the brand?

There are not enough days in the week. We have so many ideas of ways we want to expand the Twine & Twig brand, just not enough time!

How many store locations can you now find Twine And Twig in?

Over 100 boutiques and we are now in Morocco and Australia.

Tell us about your new location on East Blvd. in Charlotte?

We love our new studio space. Music is always on in the background and now instead of post-its covering our kids playroom walls we have open space to ideate  and bring our ideas to life.  

What’s in store in the near and far future for Twine & Twig?

The sky is the limit!

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