How To Surprise Her With Valentine’s Diamonds

The jewelers at Windsor, a local family-owned business, know a thing or two about guaranteeing a good Valentine’s Day. Now, we know diamonds aren’t the gift for everyone, but if this is your year to realy make Valentine’s memorable, we’re sure you don’t need to be reminded.

Ben Simon, the VP of the Charlotte location, says one of his favorite elements of the holiday is the surprise factor. Over the years, Windsor has heard countless stories from their happy customers. These, they tell us, are five of the best ways they’ve heard to surprise your Valentine with a show-stopping piece of jewelry.

1. Have it personally delivered by Windsor Jewelers to your girlfriend or wife at work. We did this a couple years ago when there was a really bad ice storm in Charlotte. But, if you think about it, since everyone likes getting flowers at work, just imagine getting jewelry delivered!

2. Let him/her find it “accidentally on purpose.” Place it in a drawer or in her purse, somewhere they bound to go to that day so they discover it on their own.

3. Have it delivered with dessert when you go out to dinner. They can hide more than engagement rings in the champagne glass or on the dessert dish. However, this idea would be best for someone not already expecting an engagement ring!

4. There’s always the old Russian nesting doll idea. Wrap the gift and place it inside other boxes that are all beautifully wrapped. Each box can have a special note in them to your special someone. We’ll also go out on a limb here and tell you that Windsor Jewelers will do all the wrapping for you!

5. Last but not least, there is the old scavenger hunt idea. Knowing that you took the time and thought to create the hunt combined with the fact that they get to find a beautiful piece of jewelry at the end -you can’t go wrong.