Caribbean Destinations For Your Luxury Adventures


The best islands in the Caribbean to visit right now for the finest beaches, water, outdoor activities, amenities and more.


With expected warm, sunny weather, Aruba is the perfect location to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. It’s crisp blue waters, flawless white sand, and unforgettable sunsets, make this tropical strip of paradise a top locale.Flights from CLT starting at  $938


Jamaica is known for it’s beautiful landscape, roaring waterfalls, and breath-taking sunsets. However, the Jamaican culture makes this island one of a kind. With it’s spicy flavored food and reggae music, Jamaica is an exceptional island to visit.
Flights from CLT starting at $1298.

Costa Rica

The diversified wildlife and scenery make this country a must visit. From mountains to beaches, this distinct stunning landscape is a photographer’s dream.
Flights from CLT starting at $956.


Indulge in the British Colonial history of this irreplaceable country. The water is warm and crystal clear. It is a perfect locale for a variety of ocean activities such as snorkeling, sailing and scuba diving.
Flights from CLT starting at $986.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has all-exclusive hotels that are flawless spots for getaway vacations.  With refreshing tropical drinks, stunning scenery and impeccable beaches, this is a great place to take a retreat.
Flights from CLT starting at $1034.

St. John

The island of Saint John is a prized and beloved collection of tropical rainforest and inviting enclaves. With spectacular views and remarkable coast, this appealing island is the perfect escape.
Flights from CLT starting at $759.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic capital of Santo Domingo is perfect for vacationers that are seeking a little excitement in their travels. Visit the Columbus night house or salsa dance your way through the incredible nightlife.
Flights from CLT starting at $1008.

Saint Croix

Saint Croix Island is blessed with shimmering white sand and warm inviting water. With an energetic nightlife and relaxing sunny days, this is the ideal location for escape.
Flights from CLT starting at $759.

The Bahamas

This island chain off the coast of Florida has some of the most amazingly clear water on the planet, hundreds of beautiful beaches,  a friendly culture, and so many outdoor activities it’s hard to list them all. It is also one of the top destinations for sportsmen and women.
Flights from CLT starting at $705.