From CLT to NOLA: A Guide to Live by in The Big Easy

New Orleans

New Orleans

Come hang with us as we get from CLT to NOLA.

If you’ve spent much time traveling, you’ve likely learned that every city has its own unique feel. There are nuances to each city that we come to either love or hate, but more than likely, we appreciate their urban individuality all the same. Out of all the places I have called home across the American South, New Orleans is the city that keeps calling me back. No matter where my travels take me, I’ve never found another place quite like it.

The quickest, surest path to my heart is some good, soulful food. New Orleans never fails to deliver. After Katrina, some people in the culinary world would say that the city is well beyond the best days of its cuisine, but I couldn’t disagree more. It only takes a stroll down into Bywater, a swanky neighborhood that is one of the local foodies’ best kept secrets, to see that the food scene isn’t treading water. It’s an ever-evolving food-scape, with hundreds of classics and new local favorites striking out in a plethora of directions. It’s For just a taste of the fresh, local fare, take a swing into the Bacchanal wine store or Maurepas Food for some delicious goat tacos.

There’s no lack of decadent places to stay for the evening in the Big Easy. Luxe boutique hotels litter the French Quarter, and the city’s full of avant-garde high-rise hotels. Beaucoup amenities and thoughtful guest service is sure to impress, no matter your personal preferences. Don’t worry, though; there’s too much to do to in the city to stay indoors long.

You’ll find yourself wandering the Quarter, exploring Greenwood Cemetery, visiting the art galleries in town, and (whether you like it or not) learning a ton about the rich history of New Orleans. After all, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another city in the States with this unique blend of French, Spanish, Creole, and African influences.

The diversity of culture, multifaceted heritage, and downright sinfully delicious Creole food is enough to keep anyone coming back…or just staying there. The Big Easy has it all—whether you’re looking for a new culinary scene to explore or simply to getaway, this is one must-see destination that will enchant with every return visit.

Where to Eat, Sip, and Recover in NOLA

Chef Alon Shaya received a James Beard award in 2015, so you know the food here is good!
Chef Susan Spicer’s renowned restaurant, where the smoked duck is killer!
Cochon Butcher
Visit the Pork King and try the mufelleta or the duck pastrami sliders.
Restaurant August
Who doesn’t love Chef John Besh’s mix of southern Louisiana cooking and French flare?
A swanky bar with black velvet settees and a feel that is of a bougie boudoir.
Bourbon Street
It’s not a visit to New Orleans without bar hopping all the way back to Canal Street. Start at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar!
Cane and Table
Get your fill with Cane & Table’s prototiki drinks and colonial cuisine.
Windsor Court Hotel
A five-star luxe hotel with a museum quality art collection and more amenities than you’d ever need
The Ritz-Carlton
These renowned luxury digs are on the edge of the French Quarter in a 1908 Beaux Arts Mansion Blanche building
Hotel Mazarin
A newer hotel to New Orleans, but a go-to for those looking for a boutique feel and a posh, French-inspired retreat.

New Orleans





Over 103,000

Graves at Green-Wood Cemetery


New Orleans was founded by Jean Baptiste Le Moyne


The first opera in the United States opened in New Orleans


Historic districts, more than any other city in the U.S.