Fall in Chapel Hill: Your Invitation to the Southern Part of Heaven

Fall Chapel Hill

Hurricanes and humidity begone: It’s officially fall in Chapel Hill.

There is a reason the town of Chapel Hill earned the nickname the Southern Part of Heaven. Fall in Chapel Hill is optimal timing to queue James Taylor and let the country roads do the leg work. The college town vitality, accented by historic undertones, make the trip worthwhile for any potential tourist.

These destinations will be eager to cater to your fall frolicking.

Al’s Burger Shack
Coined the best burger in America this July by TripAdvisor, the local favorite seldom has a line that doesn’t stretch outside its door. Quality burgers are cooked medium with a side of the perfected rosemary-seasoned or sweet potato fry. The atmosphere is inviting and mirrors that of Brooks’ Sandwich House.

Fall Chapel Hill

Ackland Art Museum
Admission is free, so spend some time sashaying through the gallery. Celebrating its 60th anniversary this month, the special birthday exhibition opens the 21st. They just showcased works of Amy Sherald, the artist who painted Michelle Obama’s portrait.

The Carolina Inn
Roll through Carolina’s hub for tailgating and socializing. Every Friday evening, beginning at 5 p.m., the Inn invites the Chapel Hill community out to Fridays on the Front Porch. The end-of-the-week gathering features food trucks, bluegrass music and cocktails; a recipe for relaxation and unwinding. Get your #FOTP on or cheer on the Tar Heels Saturday afternoon.

Fall Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill – Photo Credit UNC

Purple Bowl
A student’s health mecca, the menu provides a selection of acai bowls, artisan toasts, coffee and smoothies. The option to build your own bowl is available.

All that and a bag of chips. Cape Cod, that is, to compliment Merritt’s renown BLT. You can keep it classic or add pimento cheese, avocado or triple the ingredients. Grab a Cheerwine or Coca-Cola to balance the meal. Make sure to come hungry and be prepared to have your BLT standards raised.

Maple View Farms
It’s not common to have a pasture backdrop against fresh churned ice cream which includes the cows responsible for the dairy delicacy. One can also purchase butter, milk and chocolate milk made from the Holstein cows. A visit to Maple View is always memorable when the sun starts to melt concurrent to the dessert.

He’s Not Here
According to legend, wives and girlfriends would call this bar, only to hear these three words from the bartender. He’s Not is home of the blue cup, which holds 32 ounces of beer, allowing you to revisit your college tolerance. Offerings of trivia, karaoke and live music keep the venue teeming with customers. In their own words, “We’ve hosted too many 21st birthday parties to count.”  

Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market
If you wake up with enough time to spare on Saturday, browse the seasonal produce at the Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Live music will accompany your shopping.