Fire and Ice

Icelandic Adventure at Hotel Rangá

Escape the doldrums of your daily routine here in Charlotte and schedule a stay at the world-class resort, Hotel Rangá. Tickets from Charlotte Douglas International Airport average approximately $1,000 per person, a nominal amount to pay for the experience of a lifetime.

After arriving at Keflavik International Airport make the short drive an hour south to your Icelandic paradise, Hotel Rangá. Located in the countryside of Southern Iceland, the luxury hotel overlooks the East Rangá River and Mt. Hekla. Hotel Rangá offers a wide variety of rooms, from affordable standard rooms to uniquely designed luxury suites. Each of the seven suites is authentically decorated to fit the theme of one of the world’s continents. Here amenities abound. You can feel like a king dining in the hotel restaurant. Supplied with farm-fresh ingredients and salmon straight out of the East Rangá River, this modern version of Nordic food is the perfect compliment to your snowy adventure. Booking a trip during the upcoming holiday months guarantees you the chance to experience the hotel’s Christmas Buffet, a meal that has earned the restaurant its world renowned culinary reputation.Icelandic adventure awaits

During your time at Hotel Rangá, you will have to pick and choose what things to do because Iceland simply offers too much. After you have seen Aurora Borealis, head to the Hotel Rangá Astronomical Observatory to view the sun and stars like never before. When not staring up into the heavens, there are glaciers to be toured, mountains to hike, dog sleds to ride, and whales to watch. With Aurora Borealis season on the horizon, there is no better time to commit to a plane ride across the Atlantic. Simply choose which continental-themed room you would like to reserve, visit the hotel online at and purchase the Northern Lights package to ensure a trip you will never forget.

Seven Icelandic Adventures You Have To Experience

Jeeps and ATV Tours from Hotel Rangá


Explore the majesty of the country’s Highlands in Jeeps, snow mobiles, or ATV’s and see the beauty of the South Coast’s famous black beaches.


During the winter guests have a great opportunity to witness one of the rarest and most beautiful occurances in the natural world: the Northern Lights. This kaleidoscope of colors formed from charged particles, accelerate with the solar wind and paint the night sky. If you are one of the lucky ones to see Aurora, you will never forget the experience.


Visit the local Skogar Museum, an institution dating back to 1949 that was established to teach guests about Icelandic Culture and Conservation.


Enjoy an intimate experience hiking one of four glaciers on South Iceland including Vatnajökul, the largest glacier in Europe. Guests can see these intimidating, yet astoundingly beautiful natural creations by foot, Super Jeep, or snowmobile. Whichever you choose, this experience is sure to make your trip even more memorable.


Hotel Rangá is located on one of the largest salmon rivers in Iceland, the East-Rangá River, making fly fishing for the “king” a must. Surf fishing for other major saltwater species abound and brown trout and char can also be caught.


Iceland’s world-class dives are taken with dry suits due to low temperatures, however, this should not discourage dive enthusiasts. Because of the cold water, visibility is exceptional. The renowned Silfra fissure dive is an awe-inspiring adventure affording divers the opportunity to swim deep into a crack that divides the North American and Eurasian continents.


Tourists explore Iceland’s diverse environment while meeting locals and learning about the sport’s history.