A Weekend Spent in the Georgia Lowcountry

Ford Plantation Main House with Car

Georgia’s Ford Plantation sits on the serene shores of the Ogeechee River, just outside of historic Savannah. The massive property is surrounded by lush wetlands and marshes, overgrown live oak trees, and expansive greenery. To add to its allure, a majority of the plantation exists on protected land, making it an ideal destination for the nature admirer searching for serenity.

Besides the Ford Plantation’s luxurious amenities and natural beauty, there is also a long past connected to Henry Ford. In the 1920s, Ford, the iconic American industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company, fell in love with the town of Ways Station, GA, and the charming southern atmosphere that came with it—so much so he eventually purchased over 85,000 acres of land, covering 120 square miles.

ford plantation clubhouse

In 1936, Ford commissioned the building of a 7,000 square foot Greek revival style mansion using Savannah gray bricks. The building would eventually become known as the Main House.

During his time in Ways Station, Ford vowed to help the city, which mainly consisted of poor laborers. His philanthropic ventures began by opening up agricultural operations, housing and medical facilities, and schools for all. He vastly improved the city’s infrastructure and is credited with building the town from the ground up. The city of Ways Station was eventually renamed Richmond Hill to honor the business magnate. 

A sunset at the Ford Plantation

Today, visitors can stay at the Main House and sleep where the American icon once slept. The mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has maintained much of its original character. On the property, you’ll find Clara Ford’s beloved rose garden as well as a 1,100 foot underground tunnel that once connected The Main House to Henry Ford’s onsite laboratory. The tunnel has since been repurposed as a wine cellar for the plantation. 

Each morning, guests are welcomed to a full breakfast and full use of the amenities, including a golf cart to help with getting around the large property. For the sports enthusiasts, The Ford Plantation has an onsite golf course, an equestrian center, and two swimming pools. There’s also a fitness center that offers 80-minute aerobic classes, tennis courts, and of course, opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, and boating on the pristine waters that surround the estate. 

ford plantation carriage house
Ford Plantation Barn and Horses

As far as dining goes, The Ford Plantation prides itself on imaginative and innovative coastal cuisine, all carefully crafted by Master Chef Gerald Ford. Excite your taste buds by attending one of the Lowcountry boils made with fresh shrimp caught that day. Or grab one of the many homemade soups at The Ford Plantation Market. Your dining experience will be enhanced by the excellent service and the exquisite views of the Ogeechee River. 

The Ford Plantation offers guests an enriching getaway on the gentle shores of Georgia. Find peace and serenity during your weekend stay.