SmartFlyer: Travelling in Style


After two years of being cooped up in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our states — heck, even within our borders — many of us are itching for a global getaway. Enter: Jessica Drew Travel, a full-service travel agency.

Jessica Drew Travel, owned by Jessica Drew Palles, is the Charlotte-based affiliate of SmartFlyer. Jessica herself has always had a passion for travel. This, combined with her impulse to plan and her talent for organization, positioned her perfectly to become a travel agent. In 2021, she joined SmartFlyer as an affiliate. This enables her to access a partner network of accommodation providers, book private aviation, and arrange luxury transportation like helicopters and yachts. Jessica can plan weekend getaways, complex multi-stop itineraries, and everything in between!


Here for the Hiccups

Jessica is able to assist clients with travel plans across the globe. However, she is most knowledgeable in the Lowcountry, southeastern United States, Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe. “I lived in London for a bit in my mid-20s, and I’m always ready to go back!” says Jessica. 

If ever there was a time during the 21st century when a travel agent is an indispensable addition, it’s now. With entry and quarantine requirements evolving daily and morphing unpredictably from one country to the next, it’s all too easy to arrive somewhere new only to discover that borders are closed or your pandemic paperwork is lacking. 

Hiccups have always been a part of travel. They are part of the experience. But they shouldn’t be the entire experience. “In the event that something goes awry, I’m the first point of contact, rather than a general phone number,” explains Jessica. “I work with each client directly and am able to provide support until they return home.”

Photo credit Jamey Price

Buckle Up

Jessica’s work actually begins even before wheels leave the tarmac. She first hosts a consultation call with clients. During this conversation, she learns about their vision for their trip and their travel preferences. Then, she researches. She puts together possible itineraries and investigates SmartFlyer partnerships and perks that fit the client’s preferences and have the potential to elevate the vacation. She works with clients to tweak itineraries until they align with or surpass the client’s vision. After finalizing the itinerary, she aids with concierge requests, such as dining and spa reservations.

“The number one benefit to booking a trip with a travel agent is that a client isn’t spending their time researching destinations, accommodations, or any other aspect of their trip. That’s my job! Time is precious, and how we spend it matters,” says Jessica.

At the end of the experience, clients have saved time, gained access to exclusive perks and partnerships, enjoyed a seamless experience, and made memories that can last a lifetime.