Stewards of Our Land

Conservation groups in Charlotte and the Carolina’s that protect and preserve our land, water, wildlife, and other natural resources.

Catawba Riverkeepers

An education and protection program designed to sustain and safeguard the Catawba River.  The Catawba River was listed as one of the nation’s most endangered rivers in 2000, 2008, and 2013.  The Riverkeepers are continually at the forefront in regards to the coal ash issue effecting our waters both regionally and nationally.  To learn more about the organization please visit them at .

Rocky River
Trout Unlimited

This local group has been around since 1959 with the hopes of conserving and protecting North Carolina’s coldwater resources. With educational programs starting at age 6 and monthly meetings to discuss initiatives, this organization has helped conserve the Rocky River for decades and many more to come.  Visit to learn more.   

Ducks Unlimited

Founded by huntsman to protect and support the nations wetlands and waterfowl population. Offering monthly dinners and outings in hopes of spreading the word of conservation for generations.  You can find a calendar of events and other info regarding the organization at .

Sustain Charlotte

This non-profit organization is designed to educate and inspire environmental sustainability.  With monthly meetings discussing topics from water consumption to transportation choices, they are trying to eliminate our carbon footprint for years to come.  To show support or become a partner visit .

Sierra Club
CentRAL Piedmont

Founded by Conservationist John Muir in the 1890’s, Sierra Club has more than 2 million supporters, making it the nations largest environmental organization.  Fighting for a more clean energy economy to endangered species, this group has 64 chapters nationwide fighting the good fight for a better environment.  Our local group has members from Mecklenburg, Lincoln, Catawba and Stanley counties meeting monthly and is one of the largest groups in North Carolina.  To join, visit

Green Team

Founded in 2007, this coalition of hospitality and tourism professionals focuses on environmental sustainability and profitability.  They look to use technologies to manage businesses and our carbon footprint and they are dedicated to moving regional businesses to use green solutions.  To learn more about their vision and organization please visit them online at .

Charlotte Public
Tree Fund

This not-for-profit organization, which was formed in 1991, was designed to replace public trees after the devastating Hurricane Hugo in 1989.  Their current focus on fundraising and education projects has resulted in the planting of new trees throughout Mecklenburg county.  To volunteer you may find info at .


Founded in 2008, the organization’s main focus is to protect and promote the quality of Charleston’s waterways.  A collaborative effort of individuals and businesses whose desire to have “clean” water to drink, swim and play in, they protect the public’s right to have the same. To join, donate, or attend an event visit .

Appalachian Voices

This group is dedicated to protecting the land, air, and water of Appalachia.  Founded in 1997, they look to reduce the use of coal in the area and take steps towards cleaner energy. With locations in D.C., Virginia, and Tennessee, they work together to minimize the pollutants and carbon footprint for future generations.  For more info visit them at .