The Sea Comes Alive

The Sea Life Aquarium
The Sea Life Aquarium

The Sea Life Aquarium, a 36,000 square foot interactive facility has opened its doors on the North side at Entry 7 in the Concord Mills Mall. Over 5,000 underwater creatures, sharks, stingrays, sea stars, sea horses, jellyfish, and many more colorful fish are housed in an amazing environment where young and old can come face-to-face and learn about all of these amazing sea creatures.  

If you grew up dreaming of one day becoming an oceanographer or conservationist, this is the opportunity to pursue that curiosity.  You will have first-hand experience of creatures you might only have read about in books or seen on television. By celebrating the sea and its inhabitants, the Sea Life Aquarium hopes to share “the beauty of the oceans and its creatures.” The aquarium wants to inspire those visiting to join them in “working to preserve our marine heritage for future generations.” Through the Sea Life Marine Conservation Trust, the guests make a huge contribution which allows the “Breed. Rescue. Protect” Conservation program to not only educate but to protect marine creatures and their environment around the world (

Not only an educational experience but a fun one too, the aquarium offers a variety of activities.  Encounter the array of sea creatures; learn about how to make the ocean a better place; take an interactive quiz trail, or visit the 20 different displays and “themed immersive settings.”  If you’re not claustrophobic, walk through the 180 degree tunnel where various creatures swim above your head.  In the 117,000 gallon ocean tank, discover sharks, stingrays, and tropical fish. A Giant Pacific Octopus with arms up to seven feet long makes the Shark’s shipwreck home, and in the touch pool children and adults can interact with star fish, hermit crabs and sea urchins.  

With the addition of the Sea Life Aquarium in Concord, Charlotte now has a world-class aquarium. It is the perfect place to spend the day or even a weekend.  For more information visit