Local Brews: 5 Q’s with Craft Growler Shop & Tasting Room


Every day, the Queen City breeds more creative spaces and innovative concepts that contribute to the “New South” persona. Husband and wife Dan and Alyson Davis, the power couple behind Craft Tasting Room & Growler Shop, are a part of this passionate community of curators creating lifestyles and bringing unique visions to life.

The one stop shop for craft enthusiasts and foodies alike could have been named ‘these are a few of my favorite things’, as owner Dan would describe it. By establishing a platform for a new way to taste, Craft offers a multi-faceted atmosphere located in the Gold District of Charlotte’s Southend. Three dedicated spaces make up the diverse dynamic: The bottle shop growler service accommodating patrons in favor of taking the beer experience home, a specialty grocery store and tasting room offering agricultural small bites and a beer garden serving up the variety. Craft is quickly becoming the choice gathering place for Charlotteans to come together to enjoy life’s simplicities: good food and great beer.

What was the inspiration behind the idea of integrating craft beer, cured meats and artisan cheeses?
We love to source locally as much as possible and form relationships with other food/beer people that have always had a passion for making incredible products out of elemental things with their knowledge and hard work.  Being a chef, it can be a challenge constantly creating new things that inspire and excite people and yourself.  Brewers, cheesemakers, butchers, and farmers all share this same struggle.  Craft is our way  of supporting and communing with these people.

For beer lovers, what sets you apart from breweries?
What customers tell me the most that they like about Craft as compared to going to a brewery is primarily the variety they see when they come in. If you go to a brewery you get that brewery’s beer and nothing else so you have to travel around to a lot of locations to try everything. People like the fact that they can come in once a week and the selection, while always having their favorite breweries on tap, is different every week. We buy beer from breweries in every corner of the state. The majority of our offerings are from The Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia. Then there’s other 20% from breweries elsewhere in the United States that are just too good to ignore. People always want to give something new a try.

Why was it important for Craft to be a part of bringing the Growler service  idea back and making it available to the beer community?
I was first introduced to the growler shop concept in Atlanta about 10 years ago. It was absolutely explosive there.  The great majority of people have not found out the endless variety and unmistakable freshness you can get from draught beer as compared to what is available in bottles. Having the growler aspect puts beers formerly unavailable for people to enjoy in their home at their fingertips. That’s good for the whole food chain of craft beer from the farmer to the brewer to the bartender because it gives people endless options to enjoy and share.

For a Craft first-timer, describe the experience.
The experience is really comfortable. The neighborhood is a great mix of young professionals and families and we get craft beer enthusiasts from all over and all age ranges. We have regulars that come in 3 days a week from South Carolina that don’t even work in downtown. The staff is earnestly warm and engaging whatever your level of knowledge about beer, and if you’re not super into beer we have a great wine list as well. The food is based in my philosophy that 2-3 well made and fresh ingredients simply put together can be the highest form of the food arts. The beer selection is ever changing and you will always be surprised to find something new as a first timer or a regular

Craft is still very new to Charlotte. What do you hope to contribute to the future culture of the Queen City?
Charlotte is a boom town full of an incredible energy right now. Hopefully by sharing my success and allowing musicians, artist, farmers, and makers of all things inspiring to have a space to showcase what they do, we will be able provide a cultural stage for everyone who lives in the QC to experience what makes our city what it has become.

For More Information: CraftGrowlerShop.com