From humble beginnings in early 2008, with grandiose visions, talented and imaginative chefs harnessing their craft, immense passion and diligence for classic french pastries, and years of hard work, Amélie’s was forged.  One of the original owners passed the baton in late 2014, and Amelie’s is now owned together by Bruce Willette, Bill Lamb, and Brenda Ische.

At first glance you will be entranced by the sheen of glass cases holding a bountiful array of pastries. Each made by hand in the french tradition, their pastries mix classic and traditional components infused with modern elements.

Beyond the cases, a bevy of metallic machinery steams away with a barista at their helm. They handcraft every beverage and strive to uphold a classic selection specific to a quaint Parisian café. Their coffee is roasted locally via a long term partnership with Magnolia Coffee Co. Each coffee is specially blended to pair well with baked goods and artisan flavors.

Community outreach has played a huge factor in Amelie’s, whether it is volunteering locally, donating and funding to charities or supporting the arts. Motivating, stimulating and creating a dialogue and community has always been on the menu.

Atmosphere has always been of the utmost importance. The decor is the real jewel of the bakery, it gives them their je ne sais quois. From the beginning it has been painstakingly curated piece by piece by owner Brenda Ische. The design is a playful mix of French antiques, bright colors, tangible installation art elements and always with strokes of the suis generis. From its inception they hope to elevate and fascinate each and every person that walks through their doors.