Angeline’s Puts a Fresh Twist on the Negroni

Angeline's Negroni
Photo by Jamey Price

Located on the ground floor of the new Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel is Angeline’s, an Italian-inspired restaurant that mixes local Southern ingredients with the techniques and dishes of Northern Italy. Balancing the restaurant’s cuisine is their bar menu, created by lead mixologist Henry Schmulling. By also drawing inspiration from Italy, Angeline’s drinks feature classic combinations and cocktails to match their classic menu.

Available both shaken and stirred, the Negroni is one such cocktail: Stirred, the drink features gin, Campari, and Rosso Vermouth. The gin adds a crisp kick of flavor to the simple drink, while the Vermouth adds a hint of bitterness balanced by the liquor’s natural sweetness. Bringing everything together, the Campari enhances the drink’s bitter-sweetness and dyes it a beautiful shade of deep red.

Angeline’s Negroni replaces the gin with Prosecco, an Italian white wine that keeps the dryness of the gin while adding a refreshing twist to the classic drink. Perfect for both those who enjoy the strong flavors of a traditional cocktail and for those who like a sweeter combination, the Negroni stands tall as one of Angeline’s best drinks.