Bardo’s Diver Scallops Are A Menu Standout

Charlotte's Bardo
Bardo Diver Scallop Small Plate

As one of South End’s newest restaurants, Bardo boasts a menu of bold pairings and diverse small plates. The restaurant’s interior, similarly, mirrors the dichotomy of a smart, but relaxed attitude. With its strongly chef-driven approach, Chef Michael Noll is continuously crafting unique dishes for the seasonally-rotating menu. Chief among their seafood selections is the Diver Scallops, a plate that offers up a broad range of textures and flavors.

Fermented hot sauce adds a hefty kick to the dish, and the crisp chicken skin stands in contrast to the smooth scallops. Noll used Japanese cucumber to add a refreshing note and pop of color, complementing other fresh garnishes of green. This is a bite that’s nothing short of memorable.