Get a Little Wild with Block & Grinder’s Reaper Madness

Reaper Maddness
Reaper Maddness

Block & Grinder is known for it’s proficiency with fresh meat and wild-game dishes, but their artful cocktail menu isn’t to be ignored. The B&G Bar’s Reaper Madness is a spicy-and-tart combination of Mezcal and Cointreau, complete with its own house-made flavors.

1 ½ oz Mezcal
½ oz Cointreau
⅛ oz House Made Reaper Syrup (spicy)
½  oz Lime Juice
2 oz Lemonade

Rim a Collins Highball Glass with chili lime salt and set it aside. Combine the ingredients in shaker over ice. Shake & strain into Highball Glass. Garnish with a lime wedge & orange peel.