Bulla Charlotte does a Churro the right way

Bulla Charlotte
Bulla's Churro

Bulla Charlotte: Hot, sugary, fried dough served with a sweet, caramel-y sauce and a decadent chocolate syrup. Did that get your attention? As well it should. What is it, exactly? The pastry is a delectable native to Spain, otherwise known as a “churro.” It’s obviously delicious, and why wouldn’t it be?  Bulla Gastrobar, of SouthPark, dishes up traditional, modernized Spanish food, so you better believe they make a can’t-miss churro.

The chefs serve their dessert with both of its favorite drizzles: chocolate and dulce de leche. No one can resist the deliciously sweet smell that radiates from the kitchen as the churros enter the fryer, and when you serve a crunchy, sugary confection alongside a creamy, sweet sauce, the resulting sugar coma ought to last a few weeks.