Carriage House Hot Toddy

Carriage House's Hot Toddy
Carriage House's Hot Toddy

A take on the classic Hot Toddy, this remixed cocktail made with Carriage House Apple Brandy is the perfect drink to help you warm up during wintertime.

  1 Tsp Cloister honey
•  2 ounces apple brandy
•  1/4 blood orange
•  1 cup boiling water
 • 1 tea bag

With Cloister Honey, coat the bottom of a an iced coffee glass. Add the two ounces of Carriage House Apple Brandy and the juice of the blood orange. In a tea kettle boil water. When water is ready, pour into a cup, add tea bag, and make a cup of tea.  When tea is ready, pour the hot tea into the coffee glass with the other ingredients. Stir and serve the Hot Toddy to your guests.