Caruso’s Lambchop is a Work of Art

Caruso's restaurant

Pasquale Caruso picked up the paintbrush not too long ago as a hobby, but he’s always been cooking. It’s no surprise that his late-life hobby, which graces the walls of his cozy little Huntersville trattoria, has engendered an inspired series of oil paint masterworks: Caruso has no classical art education, but he’s been making art on plates for decades now. And this rack of savory heaven may be his magnum opus. Sauteed sweet heirloom peppers and asparagus form an eye-catching composition with mint pesto and balsamic glaze, all serving the focal point of this red meat study—the pistachio-and-herb-crusted lamb. It’s some kind of godsend that, in this little gallery, you’re allowed to touch the art.