These Are Charlotte’s Best Burgers – Part 2

Charlotteans love a good burger almost as much as we love our barbecue. That being said, all burgers are not created equal. Nor are any of them the same.What once started out as a simple American staple of ground beef on a white bread bun and a few toppings, the burger has evolved thanks to the creativity of chefs from around the globe taking cues from many different cultures and influences. Nowadays you’ll see a slew of different proteins and vegetables being used in place of ground beef like lamb, portabella mushrooms, sirloin, black beans, or even edamame being served on a variety of different buns like pretzels, Kaisers, and giant pretzels. With so many options and versions of burgers out there it’s hard to know where to go. So we decided to do the legwork for you and spent the last few months on a mission to find the best burgers in Charlotte. We ate at over 75 different restaurants on our journey and ventured into both gourmet restaurants and some of the most notorious hole in the wall and greasy spoons in the city. As everyone’s tastes vary, there is no way to declare a clear cut winner. But what we were able to do is narrow it down to 32 of our favorites ranging from $20 gourmet burgers to $3.95 all American diner classics. Yes we risked heart failure and some serious clogging of our arteries, but it’s a small price to pay for our loyal readers. We hope you enjoy it and if we left any off the list that you think need to be included, please let us know. These are Charlotte’s Best Burgers.


Beef patty, onion kaiser roll, foie gras, arugula, prosciutto, apricot marmalade, creole mustard. Super rich flavor with just enough sweet and bitterness to make it a perfectly balanced and life changing burger.


Beef burger topped with cheddar cheese, grilled Black Forest ham, fried egg, applewood smoked bacon and grilled onions. Served on an onion roll with Cowfish Sauce. Savory and Tangy.

The Diamond

Home of one of the best late night menus in Charlotte, the Diamond, has a ton of tasty options ut serves up its famous Big Block featuring two all beef patties, and name your fixins…including pimento cheese. This is a first team all American diner.
Pinky’s Westside Grill

Char Bar #7

American cheese, garlic aioli, bacon, medium fried egg, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Menu says you should only have it once every 4 years because of the toppings but if you’re a burger lover it might be more like once every 4 days.
South 21 Drive In

2 beef patties, mustard, onions, lettuce, tomato. Classic greasy diner burger that has been on everybody’s best burger list for close to 60 years.

Jack’s Corner Tap

Quite possibly Cornelius’s best burger, the cheddar bacon burger is piled high with crispy bacon and aged cheddar cheese served on top of  a fresh hand pattied burger.

Jake’’s Good Eats

The All The Way comes with your choice of two different sets of toppings, either, chili, mustard, onions, and slaw or lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Both sets are delicious. The bun is toasted to perfection and stands up well to all the juiciness of the burger and the chili.

Brook’s Sandwich House

All beef patty with your choice of toppings. Simply a good burger and probably the cheapest you’ll find anywhere and a great hole in the wall type atmosphere.

Savor Cafe

Adam Bomb Burger
You can’t get more on your burger for the measley nine bucks Savor wants for this thing. The cajun rubbed burger comes with grilled tomatoes, Pepper Jack cheese, roasted red pepper and caramelized onion aioli.


Fenwick’s On Providence

Charcoal Burger
One of Myers Park’s best little restaurants serves up one of Myers Park’s biggest, tastiest burgers. You can get their half pound juicy patty topped with a variety of toppings, but lettuce, tomato, and pimento cheese makes this burger sumptuous.


Finding a veggie burger with flavor can be difficult, but at Fern, every dish is infused with flavor, especially the green chili burger, available with black beans, lime, cilantro, green chili and your choice of Duke’s sesame bun or a kale wrap. You can also add a variety of cheeses including both vegetarian and vegan options like blue cheese, Bosky Acres goat cheese, vegan cheddar, vegan pepper jack, and NC Hoop cheddar.

Another delectable treat, the OM burger from Fern delivers. Get that smoky flavor from smoked tomatoes. Add a little spice with pickled local cucumber and poblano garlic aioli.


The French bistro on Central Ave. serves up one of the best burgers in the entire city. The Merguez burger features Lulu’s housemade lamb burger topped with roasted red peppers, goat cheese, harissa aioli, and lettuce, all served on a challah roll. Not to mention the fries the burger comes with are simply delightful.

Micky’s Bistro

Angus Burger Bleu
One of the area’s best kept secrets, Micky’s serves up some of Huntersville’s best food. Included in that well deserved compliment is their Angus Burger Bleu, a burger featuring mushrooms, roasted onions, gorgonzola blue cheese & peppercorn ranch all served on a fresh baked Brioche bun. Flavorful, full bodied, and ready to explode on your palate.

5 Church

Lamb Burger
A superburger featuring gorgonzola dolce fondu, grilled red onion marmalade, arugula, secret sauce, and house made sesame bun. It’s sidekick:  Crispy Confit Potatoes.

5 Church
5 Church