Charlotte’s Frozen Treats Will Keep You Cool this Summer

Charlotte's Frozen Treats

Enjoying a sugary, cold dessert is the tastiest way to stay cool during the summer holidays, and the array of Charlotte’s frozen treats – new pops and ice cream flavors – are more than worth a try.

Charlotte's Frozen Treats

Golden Cow Creamery
There’s nothing like ice cream when you’re feeling nostalgic, and Golden Cow Creamery has a flavor called Dunkaroos inspired by the 90’s cookies and frosting snack. The ice cream’s vanilla base and red and blue sprinkles make for the perfect flavor for summertime.

If you’re longing for the beach, try Golden Cow’s Key Lime pie flavor which features the zest and juice of Key Limes, graham cracker flakes, and a sweet cream flavor. In addition to the new flavors they create each month, Golden Cow consistently serves the classics, and keeps a vegan flavor on hand for all their plant-eater friends.

One such flavor is the Chili Lime Mango ice cream, featuring real mango and lime juice and gently spiced with chipotle pepper. In keeping with the summer citrus theme, this dairy-free option will leave you feeling light in the summer heat.

King of Pops
If you’re grilling out this summer, King of Pops will deliver red, white, and blue Patriot Pops to your door. Featuring strawberries, blueberries, and lemon, these pops are the perfect summer dessert to serve at your party. Sold in pushcarts around the city, King of Pops is a favorite light summer treat.

Who said frozen treats are just for children? City Lights Rooftop is serving icy pops in shimmering glasses of champagne. Courtesy of King of Pops, these frozen treats are the perfect way to chill your sparkling white and enjoy some hydrating fruit over the holiday weekend. Add a peach pop or a blackberry lemon pop to your glass of champers and enjoy the evening.

Charlotte's Frozen Treats

If you’re looking for another kid-friendly pop for this holiday, the watermelon mojito is a soothing option for summer; but it’s only available from June to September, so be sure to try one while they’re still in season. Made with watermelon and mint, this pop won’t weigh you down in the summer temperatures.

Whit’s Frozen Custard
Made daily, Whit’s keeps it classic at their Davidson location. The little hometown shop only feature three flavors per week: vanilla, chocolate, and Whit’s Special Weekly Flavor. Those three flavors are all you’ll need though, because you can create an endless variety of flavor combinations with all the fruit toppings, nuts, and candies that can be blended into custard to make a “Whitser”.

The weekly flavors are inventive and refreshing – everything from Lemon Drop to Peach, Caramel Pecan, Waffle Caramel Brownie, and Strawberry and Cookies.

Perhaps our favorite of the shops offerings is the Whittie, an ice cream sandwich with two generously sized fresh-baked and a filling of frozen custard. Charlotte’s frozen treats offerings are elevated to the next level with this local joint.