Where to Grab a Cocktail In Charlotte This Spring

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Since spring weather is finally here to stay (we hope!), it’s important to get established with your spring cocktail go-to list right off the bat for maximal seasonal enjoyment. This spring, Charlotte restaurants and cocktail spots are experimenting new takes on classical fruity notes.

Barcelona Wine Bar’s House Sangria
This upgraded form of Sangria consists of perfectly shaken Lillet rose, lovely sparkling rosé, tender peach nectar, vodka, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and grapefruit bitters for a satisfying tang. We can’t think of a better way to spend a spring afternoon than at the bohemian Barcelona Wine Bar’s patio.

Amelie’s Spring Mimosas
This beloved French bakery is serving cocktails? And we thought Amelie’s couldn’t get any better! Take a taste of your favorite brunch drink with an Amelie’s twist. Try Roseship and Orange, Strawberry Rhubarb, or unique Grapefruit Teragon pours complete with sparkling Champagne, of course!

Hello, Sailor

Hello, Sailor’s Airmail
Hello, Sailor embodies the essence of spring from their brightly colored aesthetic to their delectable seasonal menu. Luckily, their mixologists do not fall short to match their vibrancy in the cocktail menu. The Airmail cocktail sizzles on the tongue with aged rum, sparkling wine, as well as hints of lime, and notes of honey throughout.

The Asbury’s Love at First Sip
This hidden gem in The Dunhill hotel is an excellent spot for cocktails with an urban city view. The Love at First Sip cocktail is served with Tito’s vodka, Cranberry Preserve, hints of lemon, and complete with St. Germain. You will fall in love with the elegant location and bursts of flavor in this cocktail.

City Lights Rooftop
This high-end cocktail spot could not have a better location, on the roof of Le Méridien Hotel in uptown. Gaze over the soaring skylines with this refreshing City Lights classic. The King of Pops brings their famous fruity popsicles and City Lights Rooftop brings your choice of sparkling Rose or Prosecco!