Fin & Fino’s Doo Wop Is the Cocktail of Summer

Fin and Fino

The Levine Avenue of the Arts has never been so alluring, not least of all because of the new seafood joint classing up this little pocket of the uptown restaurant scene. Hitch yourself to the seafoam bar and order whichever of the 90s-pop-inspired drink names you’re really drawn to. Our siren song is probably always going to be the Doo Wop, a shaken blend of cognac, gin, and chamomile, with bubbles and a citrusy-floral garnish to top.

Refreshing, a little bit sweet, and just the right amount of gin kick, this beverage is spirit-forward in all the right ways. It’s never so strong that you can’t have a couple more. Careful, though: With every sip, you get closer to belting whatever Lauryn Hill song is playing in your head. (We know which one it is.)