Before You Eat, Order Good Food on Montford’s Gaffney Mule

Gaffney Mule
Gaffney Mule

Goodfood’s take on the Mule is clever sweet and sour twist on a classically gingery spice. The Gaffney Mule unites the bite of Tito’s and the spice of orchard flavors for a perfect fall and winter concoction. If it’s cold and you’ve got to stay indoors, do so with Good Food…and a good mixologist.

1 1/2 oz. Ginger-infused Tito’s vodka
2 oz. Windy Hill ginger cider
Splash Canton Ginger liqueur
2 tbsp. peach puree
Splash lime juice

Mix all ingredients. Pour liquid over ice. Garnish with peach and lime.