Lincoln’s Haberdashery’s Pear Tart

Lincoln's Haberdashery
Lincoln's Haberdashery Pear Tart

Chef Michael Shortino’s newest South Boulevard venture, Lincoln’s Haberdashery, can best be described as a fast-casual grocery, with fresh-baked bread, a curated breakfast and lunch menu, a full coffee bar, craft beer on tap, and some world-class pastries. Shortino, also of Futo Buta, is a bit of a do-it-all, but when it came to Lincoln’s sweets, he outsourced for the best. Pastry Chef Elena Shchepalina has brought down the proverbial house with her inventive pastries and desserts, like this mini French-inspired Pear Tart (more traditionally a “La Tarte Bourdaloue”).

Though the pastries served at the counter change week-to-week, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for this buttery, sweet, single-serve variety. It’s a perfect twist on a classic, with a fruit-forward flavor and a flaky crust. Pair it with a hot cup of Pure Intentions, or use it to wash down your Shortino-made lunch.